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Wanderers by Erik Wernquist, what I took from my viewing.

As a child and even now as an adult I looked up at the night sky and I wonder.  I gaze at the stars and the endless darkness and I want to go there. 252 more words

3. General Mutterings

My Next Escape: The Hellhole Trilogy by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson


Why I’m Reading It:

Christmas is coming up, so what better to read than book based will ‘hell’ in the title! Just kidding! Don’t worry ;p. 137 more words


Star Wars Jogcast - Kevin J. Anderson's Star Wars Legacy - Past and Present

In this brand new Jogcast, I go through the long and celebrated career of my longtime buddy, and exceptional Star Wars writer Kevin J. Anderson. A man who’s work is the most prolific not only in the world of Star Wars, but in Dune, and in all of his original work to date. 94 more words

SW Jogcast

Kevin J Anderson, Timothy Zahn and Michael Stackpole might be very happy with the influence of Legends on The Force Awakens

For many years we have heard the possible ramifications of Expanded Universe influence in Star Wars The Force Awakens, and now we even have the indications thanks to the recent rumour that two MAJOR EU characters will be making an appearance with retconned names, and playing MASSIVE part in the new films, which would start with none other than Jacen Solo aka Darth Caedus. 109 more words

The Force Awakens

Draw Your Readers in with Great Imagery

Draw Your Readers in with Great Imagery

by Nick Nebelsky

I just finished reading a blog by Kevin J. Anderson that was featured on the… 626 more words


A Toy That's Just My Type

“Doris, take a letter!”

Have you ever heard anything like that? Dialogue in an old movie doesn’t count: I mean with your own ears in real life. 1,233 more words

Popular Culture

Boom! Making Clockwork Angels Even Better.

Clockwork Angels by Neil Peart, Kevin J. Anderson, and Nick Robles (Six-issue comic series from Boom! Studios, 2013-2014).

By any reckoning, Clockwork Angels has done rather well. 683 more words

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