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Preview: Clockwork Angels #5 (of 6)

Clockwork Angels #5 (of 6)

Writer: Kevin J. Anderson
Artist: Nick Robles

The miniseries based on the Rush concept album continues! Owen’s been given a chance to take on the skies aboard Commodore Pangloss’ airship. 68 more words


Book Review: 'The Key to Creation' by Kevin J. Anderson

The Terra Incognita series is without a doubt the best book series I’ve ever read. What Kevin J. Anderson pulls off in these three books is nothing short of breathtaking. 56 more words


One Horn to Rule Them All: The Story Behind the Purple Unicorn Anthology

When Kevin J. Anderson visited Kobo’s Toronto HQ, he told us about the origins and production behind ONE HORN TO RULE THEM ALL, an anthology published by Wordfire Press, which Kevin runs with his wife Rebecca Moesta. 961 more words

The Business Of Writing

Serial Commas, Parallel Structure, and Zombies for Hire

In Serial Commas and Compulsive Behavior, serial comma (aka Harvard Comma and Oxford Comma) combatants duked it out over correct usage.

On my scoreboard, the serial comma won, hands down. 1,401 more words

Writing Craft

A Matter of Preference: Typing or Long-hand... No, this is about productivity.

Typing or long-hand? Do you have a preference?

There’s a lot to be said for all of the different mediums. I struggle with production and find that setting myself to task is the hardest part of producing. 596 more words

30 Day Challenge

Review: The Private Shambler

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks. I skipped out of writing a review last week partly because of my schedule, and partly because I hadn’t finished anything recently. 369 more words


Kevin J. Anderson visits Kobo HQ!

Award-winning and #1 international bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson was in Toronto last week and stopped by to visit the Kobo head office. Kevin is the author of more than 125 books, more than fifty of which have been national or international bestsellers. 310 more words

The Craft Of Writing