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‘Pixels’ makes it more desirable with new posters

Written by O’Boyd

Some believe Adam Sandler may not make the best movies in the world. That’s for you to judge.

But after checking out the new posters for his July 24 film, “Pixels,” how can you think this film won’t be anything but awesome. 64 more words


Julkalendern 2014 Lucka 18 - Always bet on Blart

Konceptet skämsrulle är egentligen onödigt, ingen ska behöva skämmas för sina cineastiska lustar hur udda de än må verka för omvärlden. Men förtjusning i vissa filmer skapar ändå en reflexmässig försvarsställning i vissa sällskap. 170 more words

Anton Film

Pixels Game On 2015

Have you seen that Futurama episode “Raiders of the Lost Arcade”? Well the upcoming movie Pixels is the same concept, retro 80’s arcade games such as Donkey Kong and Centipede attack the world. 74 more words

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Little Boy

Little Boy

What it is: Not as creepy as it sounds, despite Kevin James’s moustache.

Pros: +None that I’m aware of.

Cons: -Not going to lie, I originally thought this movie was a comedy because the thumbnail on Youtube had Kevin James with a moustache on it. 161 more words

Grown Up 2: the worst, most offensive, misogynistic movie I've ever seen

Don’t get me wrong. I love humor when it’s a bit mean. A lot mean. I love satire, sarcasm, a limited dose of cynicism, and stereotypes to a certain extent. 3,845 more words


"The Illusionists" Is Fun, But Not Unbelievably So

Magic is, for the most part, a matter of misdirection, but although there are a few baffling decisions in terms of the prominence given to some of the seven performers in this showcase,  689 more words


Crime Fighting Robots.

CNBC reports that a silicon valley company has developed a crime-fighting, 300 pound robot, that can predict crime using its ability to see, hear, feel, … 169 more words