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Smashing together aspects of Japanese anime, comic book pop art, puppet theatre, and melodramatic action has resulted in the visually stunning Guy Moshe film Bunraku… 624 more words

Can Amelia save Dr Herman's life?

New Caterina’s interview, and this time, its about the whole new case our little dreamy is facing at Greys.
She talks about the Dr Herman’s life and how are Amelia odds to actually save her. 662 more words

Grey's Anatomy

New (BIG) Caterina interview

Ok, so we have ANOTHER great interview with Caterina, and this one is kinda fun. She talks a little about upcoming projects, check it out: 1,536 more words

Grey's Anatomy

'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Derek Shepherd Finally Hits Rock Bottom

Tension at Grey Sloan Memorial has escalated this week, and some of our favorite relationships may have been severed — including one revolving around McDreamy. But others were stronger than ever, and one couple proved they can even withstand jumping out a burning building together! 978 more words

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Amelia Isn't the 'Black Sheep' Anymore

A new interview about tonight’s big event. Check it out:

Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) and her big brother, Derek (Patrick Dempsey), may finally be on equal ground. 504 more words

Grey's Anatomy

Amelia soon to be the ONLY Shepherd?

A new interview from Caterina teases us about the posibility of Amelia becoming the only Shepherd at the Memorial’s Hospital. Check it out:

Amelia Shepherd’s happy-go-lucky time as head of neurosurgery at Grey Sloan Memorial on “Grey’s Anatomy” is about take a very dark turn. 608 more words

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