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Links for 7-27-2014

  • Kevin Williamson comments on the Left's practice of re-writing laws to suit their changing purposes:

    The matter addressed in Halbig is hardly the Obama administration’s first attempt to circumvent the law as written — see…

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SDCC Preview Night: Kevin Williamson’s “Stalker” Stars Maggie Q, Dylan McDermott

At SDCC’s Preview Night, instead of getting the pilot for iZombie, we got a nifty trailer for CBS’ Stalker. Yay?


Stalker Boss Rejects Following Comparisons, Stylized Violence Label

Kevin Williamson wants you to know his new crime drama Stalker (premiering Oct. 1) is not The Following.


Late Call - Editors Blog 5

by Kevin Williamson

It’s unlikely that the US state considers award-winning journalist Amy Goodman to be a national treasure but she’s in danger of becoming one of the great inspirations for radical media activists everywhere. 318 more words


Late Call - Editors Blog 4

Kindles I’d happily bury in the ground but I’m addicted to audiobooks.  Probably about one out of every three books I read these days is on audio.   237 more words


Late Call - Editors Blog 2

by Kevin Williamson

And so it came to pass.  And serve.  And volley.  And generally make forced errors.  Alex can put away his Saltire.  Andy Murray was eliminated from Wimbledon today… 345 more words


Britain 2015... alarm bells should be ringing

by Kevin Williamson

With many eyes glancing towards Scottish opinion polls for an indication of where we’re at with YES v NO, the opinion polls for Westminster 2015 make for sober reading. 557 more words

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