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Kevlar Woofers & Affordable Home Theater

When I had to choose the backdrop photo for this blog, I instinctively opened the folder on my network storage device that contained my most recent photos. 914 more words


Google, New York's Ivory, & Dupont

Thousand of miles of Kevlar wrapped cabling…why would Google do that?

Let’s take a look!

TKS Web-Series

Umbro UX-1 White/Black/Cherry Tomato

เข้าสู่ช่วงเปิดฤดูกาลใหม่แล้ว ผู้ผลิตรองเท้าส่วนใหญ่ก็มักจะเปิดตัวรองเท้าสีใหม่ๆ เช่นเดียวกันกับ Umbro ที่ก็ได้เปิดตัวสีล่าสุดของรองเท้ารุ่นล่าสุดของพวกเขา UX-1 ในสี White/Black/Cherry Tomato ครับ .. อ่านต่อได้ที่ http://wp.me/P4hmx2-D7


The Insider's Guide to Carbon Fiber Bicycle Frames

Carbon fiber, or “Magic Plastic” as I like to call it. I don’t really call it that, and in reality, carbon fiber is much more than your run of the mill… 754 more words


Fire Props For Sale!

New Stuff Made, by a professional fire artist for professionals and beginners alike to burn with!

My ETSY store: http://etsy.me/1teaWcg

Mini Fire Fans, basic Fire Eating Torches, and a set of Fire Palms for sale. 150 more words


Shark attack! Google wraps underwater cables in Kevlar-like vests

Google has to wrap its trans-Pacific underwater fiber cables in a Kevlar-like material, because sharks are quite partial to having a munch on them. 314 more words


Kevlar Canoe Repair - Place a patch on a kevlar canoe

Here’s a video on how to place a kevlar patch on a kevlar canoe, particularly a Souris River, but the technique is very similar for other, less glorious brands of kevlar canoes, even Brand X.   104 more words