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Because of my husband’s badge, parts of our life have to stay anonymous.

Our front door still bears the last name of the previous homeowners on the brass knocker. 455 more words

The Right Chemistry: Stephanie Kwolek was as tough as Kevlar, the material she invented

Stephanie Kwolek may have been short in height, but when it came to making a contribution to science, she was a giant. The former DuPont chemist who recently passed away was responsible for the introduction of the super-strong material Kevlar. 728 more words


H50 5.08 - Steve all smiles again

Wasn´t this a happy episode after last week´s “horror”. I wasn´t surprized a bit, that they didn´t even refer to his torture. It must be that lovely and magical Paradise air (Aloha spirit?), that heels them so quickly ;) 31 more words

Steve McGarrett

PHP array failing to POST with other form data

I have an array named $content_ids which I am trying to post as a hidden field in a form.

I found out how to do this from another answer here but I cant get it to work. 133 more words

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Crave AXE Kevlar© Shirt

Ever thought to yourself, “It’s too hot to wear my jacket riding today.” Of course you could forgo the jacket and take off down the hot road in your latest Dues ex Machina t-shirt, but are you really wiling to forgo the protection a jacket provides? 92 more words


From the Back of a Bike

The world is more beautiful from the back of a motorcycle.

This weekend, I visited my parents, and my dad took me for a ride on the back of his bike. 249 more words