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I love getting my happy!

Today, while sharing a meal with my parents, you could feel the anticipation as kickoff approached.

Boo squealed when my mom brought out a key-lime pie with sheer childish happiness. 725 more words

Daily Inspirations, I Say That Laughingly . . .

I always feel like I need to bring something to a party, aside from my sparkling personality. I’m a cook and a stylist, and it just wouldn’t do for me to show up empty-handed, or worse yet, with a… 415 more words


The Unofficial Dessert Of All 50 States

If you want to make millions of Americans angry at the same time, here’s how you do it: Make generalizations about their state and their dessert preferences. 290 more words


"Mock" Key Lime Pie

A low calorie option for those who love key lime pie. Easy to make and requires no baking.

“Mock” Key Lime Pie


1 small package sugar free lime gelatin… 96 more words

No Bake

Let's call the whole thing off?? -- Key Lime Pie Doughnuts (Donuts???)

My sister and I were driving to the gym a few days ago. We were arguing about baking — because what else is there to talk about in this world, … 2,427 more words


Big Daddy Jay's

With most of my errands scheduled in one side of town that day, I decided to look up some restaurants within the same area for lunch. 370 more words

Big Daddy Jay's All-American BBQ

Key Lime Pie Ice Cream

Key limes. Lots and lots of them.  You see, I got this craving for key lime pie and didn’t exactly want to spend the hours waiting for pie crust to rest, so obviously I made it into ice cream.   401 more words