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Output vs. Input and Why the Latter Can Be More Important to Your PR Messaging

Imagine you start your morning by walking into the kitchen and announcing to whomever is sitting there that you are in for a busy day full of meetings. 607 more words

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Focussing on one key message - Module 5

The key message I believe would be the best angle while acting as a public relations practitioner for the Flying Fox Appreciation Agency is: “Hendra virus is still a mystery to scientists.” By focusing on this point, it will become clear to the target public that research and therefore monetary back up is still required to discover a vaccine for humans. 279 more words

Let's All Eat Bugs!

It can be difficult to launch new products in a crowded marketplace – example: foods. Products need to be differentiated from the competition in order to gain attention. 295 more words

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Ice Trucking in an Entirely New Way

Not every product can easily show how it is different from competing products. Some products just seem to have utilitarian purposes and are less than exciting to market. 308 more words

Classroom Activities

Never Lose Your Keys: Tips for Developing Strong Key Messages

(Guest post by Kayla Brown, Intern)

Good communicators don’t just wing it! When you have a concise, powerful idea of what you want to say about your company or product, your audiences are more likely to be engaged, more likely to understand you and more likely to remember you. 269 more words

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