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Years of work pay off in opening of Key Peninsula’s only after-school center

Peter Hedin wondered nearly a decade ago if children would come if the community built a safe place for them to hang out.

Years of building support and a generous donation later, the Red Barn Youth Center opened its doors to parents and children from Peninsula Middle School yestrerday evening to showcase the Key Peninsula’s only after-school facility. 535 more words

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Drought is Broken, Time for the Key Peninsula Log Show

The rain this past week has broken the drought in Western Washington, according to weather super geek Cliff Mass.

We have had 1.24 inches of rain this week, an average of 0.18 inches a day, according to the Weather Underground station at the Tacoma Narrows Airport. 150 more words

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A Dream Comes Alive at Key Peninsula's Red Barn

Dreams do come true.

Just ask the dozens of people who clogged up traffic on a sleepy Key Peninsula Highway Saturday trying to make the turn to the Red Barn, a boxy rust-colored building a short walk from Key Center. 1,218 more words

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Thunder Clouds Roll Through Longbranch

It is never boring on the southern tip of the Key Peninsula.

Our eagles were squawking as thunder clouds began rolling over Drayton’s Passage. A brief deluge followed shortly, leaving the scent of fresh rain. 112 more words

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Legacy of song all a Day’s work

Music is the Day family’s business.

Brothers Daniel, John and David were all weaned on it.

Their father Kenneth loved it, even when he could not read a note. 759 more words

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Fun Longbranch Cruise teach McNeil Island History

Gloria Wing’s eyes lit up when she saw the red brick building where she once taught precocious children their ABCs.

“Heaven on earth,” Wing said, of life on McNeil Island. 729 more words

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Post the Hundred and Twelfth: Tyler J. Yoder and the K.P. Culture

Oh, Gentle Reader, you know me well enough by now to know that I’m peculiar, pompous, and overly fond of formal dress – don’t mistake me; I have bad points, too. 707 more words