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Legacy of song all a Day’s work

Music is the Day family’s business.

Brothers Daniel, David and John were all weaned on it.

Their father Kenneth loved it, even if he could not read a note. 764 more words

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Fun Longbranch Cruise teach McNeil Island History

Gloria Wing’s eyes lit up when she saw the red brick building where she once taught precocious children their ABCs.

“Heaven on earth,” Wing said, of life on McNeil Island. 729 more words

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Post the Hundred and Twelfth: Tyler J. Yoder and the K.P. Culture

Oh, Gentle Reader, you know me well enough by now to know that I’m peculiar, pompous, and overly fond of formal dress – don’t mistake me; I have bad points, too. 707 more words


Fair Weather for Longbranch History Cruise

I am sweating and it is nowhere near noon.

The sun is back, melting away the morning clouds; the recent deluge but a misty memory. 140 more words

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Key Peninsula gem a perfect place for crab pots

What sweet, buttery bounty the Puget Sound has to offer.

Three women, three crab pots, four delectable crustaceans.

An afternoon out on the docks at Joemma Beach State Park Saturday was just perfect, my lovely bride said. 286 more words

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Nice of Summer to Finally Arrive in Longbranch

It is nice of summer to finally arrive.

I rolled out of bed and the deck thermometer was already declaring 60 degrees. The weather geeks say we’ll see 95 before this day is done. 173 more words

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Baling Hay in the heat of a Longbranch Summer

An orange Kubota tractor lumbers its way slowly around the front pasture of a Key Peninsula farm Saturday, the plunger of a mechanized baler thumping a steady beat. 584 more words

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