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Key Peninsula gem a perfect place for crab pots

What sweet, buttery bounty the Puget Sound has to offer.

Three women, three crab pots, four delectable crustaceans.

An afternoon out on the docks at Joemma Beach State Park Saturday was just perfect, my lovely bride said. 286 more words

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Nice of Summer to Finally Arrive in Longbranch

It is nice of summer to finally arrive.

I rolled out of bed and the deck thermometer was already declaring 60 degrees. The weather geeks say we’ll see 95 before this day is done. 173 more words

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Baling Hay in the heat of a Longbranch Summer

An orange Kubota tractor lumbers its way slowly around the front pasture of a Key Peninsula farm Saturday, the plunger of a mechanized baler thumping a steady beat. 584 more words

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Longbranch Heat Wave Coincides with Polar Vortex

It’s like a heat wave

Burning in my heart

Can’t keep from crying

It’s tearing me apart…

Martha and Vandellas’ hit “Heat Wave” has been rocking in my head ever since I took a peek at our weekend weather report. 311 more words

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A Hoot of a Story in Longbranch

I was finally able to snap a picture of the Barred owl that lives in our woods.

This has been an unfruitful personal quest of mine the past two years. 471 more words

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Poetic Morning in Longbranch

Riotous birds rouse a new day on Drayton’s Passage. A magenta sky laundered to a golden haze by the starchy light. A train rumbles just beyond the tree line; horns blaring. 104 more words

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Another Longbranch weekend ends, the joy lives on

“All good things must come to an end,” Geoffrey Chaucer wrote in ” Troilus and Criseyde”.

And so must another wonderful weekend along Drayton’s Passage. 183 more words

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