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Fly Repellent Water Bags... Say What?

Myth Busters, where are you when needed! There’s several on-line versions of this fly repellent wives-tale. It’s said by putting pennies in a clear bag of water and hanging it by a window or door helps keep flys away. 181 more words

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Craig McDonald: Cover me #3 - Forever's Just Pretend & The Great Pretender

“This edition is all “pretend” in terms of exploring more about how Betimes Books and I went about our strategic relaunch of the Hector Lassiter series, for the first time presenting the entire series in a mix of old and new titles, uniformly branded and sequenced in chronological order. 49 more words

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Picnic Where Others Don't! - A Civil War Fort

Let me ask you guys, when was the last time you took your woman on a picnic where others don’t? Not a crowded city park, I mean somewhere that no one would expect! 163 more words

Key West

At the end of US 1

At the end of US 1
where the highway joins the sea
clear sky, blue waves
that’s where I want to be

At the end of US 1… 70 more words


Southernmost Hotel In The U.S.A.

Question, what would you name the Southernmost Hotel In The USA… “Bob’s Close To Cuba Hotel”? I don’t think so! It’s not that hard, for name recognition and ease of association, you’d name it the ‘Southernmost Hotel In The U.S.A.’! 92 more words

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