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I Am The Walrus! Goo Goo G'joob!

First things first… yes, I know it’s a manatee but ‘I Am The Walrus’ by the Beatles would get more hits on the internet! :-) Secondly, I always thought the Beatles lyrics were “Coo Coo Ca Choo”, so much for singing out loud any more… I’d never make it past the first round of TV’s ‘Singing Bee’ would I? 156 more words

Key West

Christ Garden, Cross & Gazebos

Beyond a doubt the most beautiful Christian related area in the entire Keys! An astonishing collective presentation of subtle and some not so subtle reminders of the sacrifices Jesus gave. 185 more words

Key West

Two years

Two years ago yesterday, the day before the Mayan calendar ended and we waited for predicted apocalypses, I learned that I had early stage breast cancer. 212 more words

Breast Cancer

Silly Fun: Cuban Band Headboards

Enough seriousness in the past week with several blogs on historical & educational topics, it’s time for some goofy, silly no harm fun! Ever wanted to play instruments in a Cuban band knowing you have no talent at all? 142 more words

Key West

Lower Matecumbe Key's Pay Beach

Wow, was I taken aback upon seeing this sign… ok, I’ll explain. I’ve seen pay beaches before, those have always been up scale, pristine sand with waitresses carrying trays asking me “Would you like another Piña Colada?” :-) This seen here is NONE of the above in a surrounding that I personally wouldn’t consider as prime real estate, clean nor conducive to impressing a companion for a next date! 118 more words

Key West

Now what?

Lin and Larry Pardey, the king and queen of cruising, suggest not to tell anyone what your plan is. “That way, when you don’t do it, no one can say you failed.”  So, with that said, we may not make it all the way to the Virgin Islands anytime soon. 477 more words