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Do you know all about Select All?

In this post, I will discuss Ctrl A, the humble shortcut which almost everyone uses in the context of Word documents but nowhere else.

The idea is simple. 1,284 more words


Changing the view in Windows Explorer in Windows 8

Changing the view in Windows Explorer (File Explorer) is a frequent task. Views are different arrangements of files like large icons, detail and so on. 595 more words

Keyboard Shortcut

fcp 7 option+[up arrow] in premiere cc = nudge

A very happy day for me! Option+ was a longtime and often used keyboard shortcut I used to constrain move video clips up and down video tracks.  77 more words

Keyboard Shortcut To Check How Color Image Looks In B&W

For all you Lightroom fans, this is a quick keyboard shortcut that lets you quickly see how your colored image will look as a Black & White rendition.  115 more words


Just discovered: very useful shortcut in PowerPoint

This is a short post. But it is very nice and useful. I found it recently… I don’t know if this is documented – I did not check. 230 more words


Scroll horizontally with Alt Page Down in Excel

This is a small but useful post.

Spreadsheets become large very quickly. Lot of scrolling is required to navigate it.

Scrolling vertically is easy.

This way you can scroll one screen of data at a time.


Navigating the terminal

The work computer of one of my colleagues has recently closed the circle and he has now a shiny new apple computer. He is very well-versed in a bunch of computer related tasks, nonetheless he asked me the other day about shortcuts to navigate a shell terminal. 118 more words