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100 Keyboard Shortcuts (WINDOWS)

1. CTRL+C (Copy),     2. CTRL+X (Cut),    3. CTRL+V (Paste)
4. CTRL+Z (Undo),      5. DELETE (Delete)
6. SHIFT+DELETE (Delete the selected item permanently without placing the item in the Recycle Bin) 994 more words

Keyboard Shortcuts

Illustrator CS6 Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a great chart of Illustrator CS6 Keyboard shortcuts. You can get them in list form here too: http://www.jetsetcom.net/images/downloads/illustrator_cs6_shortcuts_2012_08_03.pdf


Taking a Shortcut

Here are some common keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint:

Undo – Ctrl-Z

Redo last action – F4

Copy – Ctrl-C

Paste – Ctrl-V

Paste Special – … 254 more words

PowerPoint Functionality

7 Necessary Computer Shortcuts

Not every job requires computer mastery.  If you can get by with fumbling at the keyboard all day then so be it.  Yet there are a certain number of keyboard shortcuts (only for Mac sorry) you should be using to for efficiency reasons or when when your supervisor looks over your shoulder and you don’t want to remind them you probably weren’t as qualified as your resume says.   732 more words


Another Typing Trick for your iPhone and iPad

When you’re typing on your iPhone/iPad, and you come to the end of a sentence, you probably tap on the “123” to get your punctuation, and then return to the letter keyboard. 52 more words


Want to be a magician? Common keyboard shortcuts that will amaze your colleagues

It’s common in our workplace environment to feel the need to impress, to go above and beyond our job requirements. But how do you get others to notice you? 1,039 more words


Release Notes: New Slideshow Transitions, Password Reset Emails, and more

Merry Friday, dear SmugMuggles! To send you off into a happy weekend, here’s an update on the things we’ve launched in the last few weeks. 507 more words