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BlackBerry Passport Looks | Countdown To Contrast

To say Blackberry’s next offering (event scheduled for 9/29/14) will be polarizing is an understatement. It’s not as if the keyboard is gone. Heck, it’s even more functional now with gesture sensors. 135 more words


simple things

a computer keyboard seems to be a rather simple thing. it´s not. at all. I could type blind most of the time on my laptop´s keyboard, and when I destroyed it and had to plug an external one in that was laying around, came with some tower pc from a few years ago, I realized just how comfortable my laptop´s keyboard is. 381 more words


Quickboard, keyboard third-party iOS 8 different

Quickboard is a new third-party keyboard for iOS 8 which commitment to differentiation to compete against the prediction engine Fleksy Swype or TouchPal keyboard type. His proposal: save snippets of text that we use every day so you can access them quickly. 315 more words



If you are wondering what RemoteKontroller is, then I’ll tell you right away: RemoteKontroller (RK) is a brand new way to make Keyboards and Mice out of your Smartphones and Tablets.

For Windows.

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Replace Your Qwerty Keyboard and Auto-Correct For Minuum

Are you frustrated with your huge fingers hitting the wrong keys on your qwerty keyboard. Is autocorrect totally frustrating you to no end. Both those things would annoy anyone but I have found a solution. 108 more words


Mizuno Ao 青 水野

Mizuno Ao 青 水野 is an independent singer and songwriter. Her music mixes rock, ambient, and electronica music. Mizuno is a rare artist whose persona and creativity creates her own style of music. 56 more words


Happy National Crackers Over the Keyboard Day!


I don’t know about you but my poor lappy is used to this kind of torture on a daily basis. For as much time as she and I spend together you would think that I would show a little more love but trust me she’s seen her fair share of tomato soup spills, chip crumbs, cookie crumbles, and sour gummy worm sugar. 335 more words