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Simple Terminal Hack is Fit For Hollywood

We’ve all seen the cheesy hacker scenes in movies and on TV. Three dimensional file system browsers, computer chip cityscapes, and other ridiculous visualizations to make the dull act of sitting at a keyboard look pretty on the silver screen. 254 more words


Klavier Lernenwie?

In verschiedensten Schulen und Universitäten in Thailand können sie Thai, Englisch oder auch Deutsch erlernen. Volkslied, Gospel, Schlager oder Blues? Du möchtest ein Instrument erlernen und weißt nicht welches? 334 more words


Tech Tuesday! Neat little tips & tricks

So this Tech Tuesday, we’ll just be going over some little tips & tricks with which to amuse yourself while using the computer or you can offer to patrons/users/whatever you or your organisation calls them. 360 more words


M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 Review


-USB Powered MIDI Controller

-32 velocity-sensitive keys

-Under 0.5kg weight

-41.8cm x 10.5cm x 1.98cm

The Review

So up until a few months ago, whenever I have needed to input MIDI notation into Pro Tools I’ve used the rather tedious point and click. 346 more words


Q and A: Chief Medical Information Officer Provides Better Patient Care with his BlackBerry Passport

Technology continuously improves healthcare with better tools to assist our medical needs. These include machines that run charts and graphs on admitted patients, to the devices physicians use to deliver better care. 531 more words

BlackBerry Passport

November 24th 2014

I sat down at my desk today and drank my coffee. In the IT department, we rotate who brings in coffee. I might stop drinking this type because it has been giving me heart-burn lately and I’ve been feeling dizzy. 57 more words