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Deal 67: Mousepad

There is an old adage about a million monkeys at typewriters eventually creating the works of Shakespeare. Like all old adages, there is a grain of truth concealed behind the obvious layer of fiction. 163 more words

Daily Tale

Hurrah, Third Party Keyboards are Here!

Even since iOS 8 was launched, iPhone users have had good reason to bring out their expensive wines and rejoice. Of all the nifty tweaks made to the operating system, the one that has everyone shouting “Hurrah!” is accessibility to third party keyboards. 402 more words


Ceramics everywhere you look

A wander through kings cross early today and discovered a lovely street art piece containing weird and wonderful ceramics… 6 more words

on-screen keyboardd

Whren  youu type
wiytth a virrtual keuyboard fast
this is whaatt happens:
Letters turn doubkles,
worddas arev mispelled,
thingsx are in haywire
;like us. (my wrist… 8 more words


Our keyboard stopped working so we began the attempt to repair it ourselves. We may have crossed the rubicon so we have to see it through. 10 more words


Users of the popular third-party keyboard SwiftKey will be glad to hear that two new Material Design themes are now available for the keyboard ahead of the… 110 more words


My Rig - Peripherals

Now that we’ve had a look inside the machine, lets take a tour of what makes it great on the outside. 

  • Monitors – Currently my 780ti is supporting two monitors though a third may be in the picture eventually.
  • 615 more words