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[.014] Korean Keyboard Sticker~


Just a quick post about something that may help anyone here :3

So, a few days ago I commented on a blog that I also always have a hard time when I need to type in korean using my notebook. 243 more words


Das Keyboard Brings A Chunkier Version In Its Range

If you like the sound of clicking keyboards, Das Keyboard has something for you. The maker of the original Das Keyboard Daniel Guermeur, has brought a newer, much better version of its original version. 393 more words

Brands & StartUps

T2-31 Four hours, two chips.

I have never looked at wedding rings or engagement rings before for real life purposes. I’ve only done it when my role-play characters have gotten married. 359 more words


Quick Tip - In Built Computer Midi Keyboard

If you don’t own a midi keyboard or are perhaps on the road, Live has a simple way to trigger midi notes using the computer keyboard. 52 more words


Quick Date Entry Shortcuts

A date can be automatically inserted into any date field by typing in any of the following codes and then pressing the Tab key:

(example: current date is 15/6/2014) 72 more words


Logitech K760: Wireless Solar Keyboard For Mac And iOS

The Logitech wireless solar keyboard K760 helps Mac and iOS users get more benefits .

Logitech K760 compatible with all Apple devices

Recently, Logitech has launched wireless solar keyboard for iPhone, iPad and Macbook called Logitech K760 – the third solar keyboard delivered by Logitech. 213 more words


Guide: Turn On Keyboard Backlight - Lenovo Think Pad T440s

To turn on your Lenovo Think Pad’s keyboard backlight, press the following buttons:

Fn + Space Bar