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what is the leftist stance on financialization?

I have been planning to run a blog on political-economic (and possibly Post-Soviet) issues since at least one year, but could not get round to it until today. 511 more words

Basel III

Economic crisis: spending cuts or cast austerity away?

 September 15th 2008, 1:45 am, Lehman Brothers, once one of the leading private banking companies is officially bankrupt. For many, this act the exact moment everything went wrong and the West entered the now well-known Global Financial crisis of the late 2000’s. 1,542 more words


Kruman's Old Time Straw Man

Paul Krugman, that Keynesian dinosaur whose reassembled fossils can be viewed at the New York Times, delivers a plethora of straw men against the tea party and Paul Ryan.  515 more words

The Failure of Keynesianism

Courtesy of James E Miller @ Mises.com:

It’s hard not to agree with the old aphorism “history doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” It’s nice to think we learn from our mistakes; yet we always seem to repeat them at some later date. 1,175 more words


What has the MPC got to hide?

News to light the fires of the paranoid and conspiracy theorists out there:

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), the group which decides on interest rates each month, … 103 more words

Secret Videotape of Obama Cabinet Meeting Unveiled!

The headline of this post might not be completely honest. Indeed, if you asked me to grade the accuracy of my title, I’ll admit right away that it falls into the “ 332 more words

Big Government

Making Fun of Keynesian Economics

It’s sometimes difficult to make fun of Keynesian economics. But this isn’t because Keynesian theory is airtight.

It’s easy, after all, to mock a school of thought that is predicated on the notion that you can make yourself richer by taking money from your right pocket and putting it in your left pocket. 433 more words

Government Spending