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Why is Nathan Henderson Taking International Development?

What you’ll find on this blog is mostly stuff that matters to me. This stuff mostly can fall under three categories: My faith, basketball, and International Development. 1,173 more words


Graph/Table of the Week

Democrats are often seen as Big Government, tax and spend liberals, while Republicans are generally cast as small government libertarian/conservatives. The graph below shows federal spending, revenue and the fiscal balance (as % of GDP) since the Clinton administration (2014 is an estimate, and 2013 might be revised). 120 more words

M Vernengo

Government programs: overcounting benefits and undercounting costs

Let’s first establish that you may not morally coerce other people merely because you guess that it will create a benefit. At the very minimum, you must first be… 717 more words


Keynesian myths

It is obvious that the Keynesians’ disgust with the Neoliberal policies of the government of big business is misplaced. At the heart of their frustration is the unrealistic perception that economic strategies and policies are largely intellectual products, and that policy making is primarily a matter of technical expertise and personal preferences: economists and/or policy makers who are far-sighted, good-hearted, or better equipped with “smart” ideas would opt for “good” or Keynesian-type capitalism; while those lacking such admirable qualities would foolishly or misguidedly or heartlessly choose “bad” or “Neoliberal capitalism”.

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Economic Perspective Through The Eyes Of Moderates

If you are paying close attention to what is happening in the US economy as well as the world economy, you will notice very interesting and conflicting economic policies.  1,120 more words

Statitiscal Survey

Thad Cochran: No Roads, Bridges, Or Economic Growth Without Me

On Thursday morning, June 13, at a trucking company in Richland, MS, Senator Thad Cochran again showed his true liberal and progressive colors in remarks… 262 more words

US Senate Race

The minimum wage deception

The first thing to understand about basic economics is that a law is simply a prohibition to the free market. The field of economics in university is not economics but government propaganda as it is assumed that a central bank / central economic planning is the framework by which an economy is ‘stimulated’. 334 more words