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China aims for stronger links with fragile Europe - People's Daily Online

This is an important lead article from the People’s Daily, China’s leading and influential newspaper. It’s a must-read. Check it out!

China aims for stronger links with fragile Europe – People’s Daily Online… 62 more words


Opinion - Exit from euro ‘an accident that could happen’ - ekathimerini.com - John Gelmini

Dr Alf raises interesting points, as do Sotiris Nikas & Roula Salourou.

The reality and recent history of Greece within the EU has been an unmitigated disaster, partially caused by leading Greek families taking money out of the country, and partly because Greek worker productivity is not up to par. 246 more words


More Evidence against Big-Spending Keynesian Economics

Keynesian economics is a perpetual-motion machine for statists. The way to boost growth, they argue, is to have governments borrow lots of money from the economy’s productive sector and then spend it on anything and everything. 918 more words

Big Government

Paul Krugman and the Obama Recovery by Jeffrey D. Sachs - Project Syndicate

This is a good read from leading economist, Jeffrey Sachs. He’s challenging Paul Krugman’s views. Check it out!

via Paul Krugman and the Obama Recovery by Jeffrey D. 74 more words


Finding the 20.7 Billion Pounds

Can you find the 20.7 billion?

I am a Keynesian. I like deficit spending to increase economic growth during poor economic times.

The Labour Party isn’t Keynesian. 213 more words

Another "Oops" Moment for Paul Krugman

I’m tempted to feel a certain degree of sympathy for Paul Krugman.

As a leading proponent of the notion that bigger government stimulates growth (a.k.a., … 1,080 more words


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