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It’s official! We picked up the keys yesterday and have been spending most of our not-at-work time doing house related things. We have moved a few things over to the new place and have a date set for the moving company that will do the bigger furniture. 183 more words


Keeper of the Keys

Today my work key ring broke.  I have two sets of keys: home keys and work keys (which I keep in my car with my ID lanyard).   261 more words


Keys, Songs and Questions from "King King"

The standing joke about blues music is that to play it you only have to learn three chords and be able to play in a corresponding number of keys. 566 more words

Red Devils


Wanting to be someone you are not is a waste of the person you are.

All That's Lost in the Electrocopy

I enjoy writing with pencils the best. If it weren’t for smudging and fading over time, and the constant need to resharpen (with an ever-shrinking supply of sharpeners at the ready) I think I would write with them all the time. 436 more words

Day 43 - The Secret Keeper

In a room the size of memory, the Secret Keeper walks down an aisle of tall shelves, rolling a ladder and flipping through a ring holding an unfathomable number of keys. 335 more words

The Kingdom


A flower and a key in a window.

Missing him…

Window art.

Looks like love.

Feels like pain.

Hurt like sex.

Tastes better than shame. 47 more words