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4 Things More Beneficial to the US Economy Than the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline

In 2008, TransCanada proposed the Keystone XL, which is an oil pipeline that would stretch 1,179 miles from Montana to Nebraska. The pipeline would be able to transport over 800,000 barrels of tar sands crude oil per day from the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin in Canada and the Bakken Shale Formation in the US to Steele City, Nebraska on its way to refineries in the Gulf Coast region. 1,350 more words


"GOP Thinks The 47 Percent Aren’t Trying Hard Enough": News Flash, Middle-Class Rowboats Are Taking On Water

Remember the “47 percent”?

During his 2012 campaign for the presidency, Mitt Romney was caught on tape describing nearly half the country in disparaging terms, labeling them moochers who want handouts. 682 more words


Nationwide Rallies Against Keystone XL Reach Virginia Suburbs

As Congress Takes Up Keystone XL Bill, Opponents Urge President Obama to Reject Pipeline

By Lee Stewart, Cetology

Sterling, VA – On January 14, a small crowd of people gathered suspiciously in the corridors of Dulles Town Center mall in Loudoun County, a Northern Virginia suburb of Washington, DC. 845 more words


Conflict keeps coming down the pipe


Progress on the Keystone XL pipeline receded due to the astringent opposition of environmentalists and the left. Shame. The pipeline promises jobs, progresses and dividends. 217 more words

"GOP Response; The Breadbags Of Empathy": From Tiny Booties Made From Hostess Twinkie Wrappers To Bidding For Plutocrats

Imagine going to the doctor and saying, “My back is killing me. I can barely move. What can you do to help me? Should we do an X-ray? 850 more words


Poplar Pipeline spill another reminder that we need to keep fighting for the long-term sustainability of our communities

The Poplar Pipeline spill
Last Saturday’s massive pipeline break and oil spill in the Poplar Pipeline near Glendive is a disaster that has leaked carcinogens into the Yellowstone River and left Glendive’s residents without water. 899 more words

Fracking Informaation

Keystone Pipeline Fight

Good Evening Readers,

So I’m writing to you this fine cold night in Ohio about Pipelines, yes i said it folks Pipelines.  All the current rage lately has been talks about the… 170 more words

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