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Import certificate and key into jks

1. First create a p12 file and import both the certificate and key into it using openssl.

openssl pkcs12 -export -name theg -in /etc/ssl/certs/theg.crt -inkey /etc/ssl/private/theg.key -out theg.p12… 36 more words

How to generate java keystore from ssl certificate

In this article I will guide you how to generate Java keystore from certificate (as get from Godaddy)

Step-1: Combine the Certificate with the certificate Godaddy bundle… 191 more words


Create and Export certificates using gsk7cmd tool

  • gsk7cmd -cert -list -db /tmp/pdsrv.kdb -pw abc123
  • gsk7cmd -cert -create -db /tmp/pdsrv.kdb -pw abc123 -label TST_Cert -size 1024 -dn “cn=TST_Cert,cn=ibm,c=com” -expire 2581
  • gsk7cmd -cert -details -db /tmp/pdsrv.kdb -pw abc123 -label TST_Cert…
  • 62 more words