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Loose sky

Since I came , stars have changed
A lot against the dark sky, behind
The well where the waters glisten
And rope and pail wait out a night… 56 more words


Repeat stories

We were there another time
The old brick walls with moss
A flower creeper in crack sired
By a bird’s chance dropping
Or the terribly busy antlines… 20 more words


Uncle and nephew

While uncle was at it ,in his life
He had bitten his sarcastic lips
About the world and its maker
And you nephew were peculiar. 23 more words


Text Post

This is my text post with Keyword, and Keyword 2


Practicing SEO in Keywords Placement

A keyword is a concept which has privilege. That means any words used as key or code to connect to other words or other information. The placing of keyword in a website, blog, or article is the most significant thing to be considered by people who want to build a website which meets the rules or criteria of SEO. 308 more words

Keywords Placement

Keyword Optimization: SEO Doyen’s technique to boost search engine ranking

SEO Doyen understands that different search engines used different parameters to measure websites. It also knows that all of them share many commonalities.

When a website comes to SEO Doyen for optimization, basing on these commonalities it takes wide range of action as follows: 177 more words