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Differentiate Keyword and Identifier

Q1. What is the difference between a keyword and identifier?

Ans. Keyword is special word that has a special meaning and purpose. Keywords are reserved and are a few. 63 more words

Make Money From Home Bonus Review Tips: Write Keyword Articles and get more traffic

With the huge boost in the number of businesses marketing on the internet, gone are the days of just adding your site with a explanation of your product or service and sit back and watch the traffic roll in. 897 more words


C# as Keyword

The ‘as’ keyword in C# can be used to cast an object to a different type.

MyClass myObject = obj as MyClass;

In essence it achieves the same as below, but if the cast fails it returns null rather than throwing an InvalidCastException. 39 more words


Bodies and chocolate

The young actress by her back
Announces style,like chocolate
In an advertisement ,in which
Surprise ice handfuls get flung
At lovers before chocolate bars.
They love bodies and chocolate. 24 more words


Living discussions

Praise we do since we cannot trust
Bodies,in their living discussions.
Their eye holes will take in night
Like whoosh of the wind in skulls… 25 more words


Cow dust

Our twilight blinks a transitory day
A moving shadow on a series of hills
Like overcast eagle looking for prey.

This is the time of cows return dust… 14 more words


9 Best Practices to Use When Writing Content

Do you have a writing process?  Are you an organized writer or a disorganized writer?  Most professional writers have a process they follow, though not all are the same.  438 more words