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Intersectionality: Lessons from recent left history

The crisis over sexual violence inside the SWP provoked an attempt by some of those involved to try to explain what happened then, and since in some of the new organisations that emerged from the crisis, in terms of ‘intersectionality’. 1,108 more words


I'm Gonna Let it Shine

I’m going to use the article I linked to below, not because it’s about feminism, that’s not it at all. I’m going to use it, and ask you to read it twice because it supports a point. 524 more words


Keyword gloss assignment

Gloss of a keyword (blog post)

Due: Friday, March 6 (for the Chicano group); Tuesday, March 31 (for the Nuyorican group)

For this assignment you will pick one keyword in the study of Chicano or Nuyorican poetry and poetics. 288 more words


SEO and Improving SME Competition

SEO (search engine optimisation) can help SME’s (small medium enterprises) compete in the vast competition that exits online. When a potential customer takes to Google in search of a product they are looking to buy, they are greeted with usually millions of search results relating to different variables of their chosen product. 53 more words

Breaking down the essay into words


  • Graphic designers
  • Structure
  • Communications
  • Clients
  • Designer
  • Invented graphic design in America
  • Self-taught
  • Opportunity
  • Specialized design schools
  • Prosper without four years of Typography, Visual Problem Solving, and Advanced Aesthetics…
  • 323 more words
2nd Essay

Counting Cats

This is the third and final post in my responses to the Author Earnings report for January 2015 that was put together by Hugh Howey and the Data Guy. 1,534 more words


See what people are searching for live in real time

Watching what people actually search for is bewildering. You can watch in real-time what people are searching for using the Infotiger Voyeur project.

Choose whether you want them to filter out the porn searches, and then hit the Refresh button to get a new list of words currently being searched for. 34 more words

Search Engines