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Khaki Killers

Everything Khaki. Nude, Camel, and Grey has been and is still very popular towards the end of the year. Now following in line is Khaki, we had a flash going on in Summer, however it is really statement now! 117 more words


Pride Orange Khaki Burgundy Blue

Mohair – Wool Blends, Mohair Blend, Blue, Orange, Burgundy, Khaki Pride Orange Khaki Burgundy Blue via http://www.iceyarns.com/pride-orange-khaki-burgundy-blue


Choosing Dockers Mens Easy Khaki D2 Straight Fit Flat

While we would all like to rock dress down Friday clothing five days a week, most guys will likely find themselves dressed in dress pants in most cases. 347 more words

Philip Alpaca Khaki

Luxury – Premium Yarns, Luxury, Alpaca, Wool, Viscose, Khaki Philip Alpaca Khaki via http://www.iceyarns.com/philip-alpaca-khaki


Elsa Alpaca Khaki

Luxury – Premium Yarns, Luxury, Alpaca, Khaki Elsa Alpaca Khaki via http://www.iceyarns.com/elsa-alpaca-khaki


12/11/14 OOTD

My outfit of the day is a very neutral casual outfit with a pop of red. I used brown boots, a brown belt and brown bracelets to tie in the accents. 59 more words