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Read With Me

I excelled in English classes throughout high school. Seldom did I skip a reading or fail to highlight the frail pages of various paperbacks I eagerly purchased from my local bookstore. 355 more words

My Review of "A Thousand Splendid Suns"

Read for Afghanistan in My World Tour.

When I was in ninth grade, there was an English teacher notorious for his Holocaust obsession. His class read “Night” and “Diary of Anne Frank” and “Maus” to bear witness, but he always seemed excited by the horror, fascinated by the graphic details of genocide.  616 more words


In praise of minor characters.

Minor characters are the spine of any novel. They play a crucial role in advancing the plot, providing significant clues or information and are, perhaps, as important as the main character. 578 more words


Everyone deserves to have freedom.

Women’s rights is something that I have always been passionate about from a young age. I’m not one of these so called feminists, but I believe that equality and unity is what a fair society should consist off. 352 more words

And The Mountains Echoed

追风筝的人 - The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner has been my favorite book since the first time I read it in English. It’s a beautiful, touching story and the author, Khaled Hosseini has a gift with words and describing things that I really think is quite rare. 588 more words


Tausend strahlende Sonnen - Khaled Hosseini

Gemeinsam gegen alle

Titel: Tausend strahlende Sonnen (Amazon)
Autor: Khaled Hosseini
Verlag: Berlin Verlag Taschenbuch
Seitenzahl: 382
Format: Taschenbuch
Copyright: 2007… 532 more words


The End Point

‘A story is like a moving train: no matter where you hop onboard, you are bound to reach your destination sooner or later.’ – And the Mountains Echoed, Khaled Hosseini… 51 more words