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Khalid and Maryam on their first Bikes

A year ago, Imen took a really nice photo of Khalid and Maryam on their first bikes. This was summer last year (2013). Khalid would have been three years old, and Maryam two. 57 more words


Picnic in Epping Forest

This morning Khalid woke up and told us that he wanted to have a picnic in a forest. The good news, is that we live only 20 minutes drive from Epping Forest. 15 more words


Aisha Khalid

Aisha Khalid (b. 1972, Pakistan) is trained in Mughal miniaturist traditions and is one of Pakistan’s leading contemporary artists. Khalid is part of a generation that has revitalised the traditional medium of miniature painting by juxtaposing decorative surfaces with deep socio-political subtexts around ideas about cultural expectations and stereotyping, the oppression of women and global politics.



Khalid ibn al-Walid

Who was Khalid ibn al-Walid

Khālid ibn al-Walīd (592-642) (Arabic: خالد بن الوليد) also known as Sayf-Allah al-Maslul (the Drawn Sword of God or Sword of Allah), was one of the two famous Arab generals of the Rashidun army during the Muslim conquests of the 7th Century. 608 more words

Bahrain wants to mend fences with Iran



Bahrain’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Shaikh Khalid Bin Ahmed flanked by Minister for Transport Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed addressing a press conference. — Photo by INP… 495 more words

Raised To Life

Raised To Life by Khalid

I’m raised to Life.
I’m raised to Life.
All my troubles are dead tonight.

When You peaked through my window. 128 more words


1. Semenjak Yusuf Kalla menarik diri dari apa saja perbualan strategi atau kewangan dengan Anwar Ibrahim, dan penarikan dana dari sponsor yang telah memberi kata putus sebelum kekalahan PR di PRU13, Ketua Pembangkang Malaysia ini semakin runsing. 430 more words