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Upcoming Projects: Autism International Day

Autism International Day 4th April 2014

Because autistic people are part of our community, Al-Khobar Hub decided to combine the community stakeholders’ efforts to bring the most efficient solution for parents with autistic children by holding an event on the 4th of April to share success stories and workshops in a positive atmosphere. 55 more words

Issue #1

Centuries prevailed definition of rational numbers has been changed by a Pakistani Mathematician, "Khalid Mehmood Chattha". پاکستانی ریاضی دان کا اعزاز، صدیوں سے مستعمل تعرف کو غلط ثابت کر کے متبادل تعریف پیش کر دی

Award of the Headmaster GES, MARH BASHI Distt.Hafizabad.

Khalid Mahmood Chattha (M.Sc., M.Ed.) , the headmaster of Govt. Elementary School Marh Bashi, tehsil and district Hafizabad declared the centuries prevailed definition of rational numbers defective and incorrect on account of his auspicious research work on the number system in his institution. 420 more words