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Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula reject ISIS Khilafa and accuse them of splitting the ranks

In a video released today (21/11/2014) Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula rejected the khilafa of Abu Bakr Al Baqdadi and accused him of splitting the ranks of the Mujahideen and spreading the fitna. 99 more words

Al Qaeda

A Tiny Cup Of Blood – The Values of a True Caliphate

It is narrated on the authority of Riyāḥ b. al-Ḥārith who said, “I was sitting at the pulpit of al-Ḥasan b. ‘Ali (Ibn Abi Ṭālib) whilst he was giving the sermon in Madā’in (to his supporters) whereby he said: 537 more words


A Hadeeth taken out of context by some extremists

It is common that some supporters of ISIS use the hadeeth “Whoever dies without giving bayyah to an Imam has died a death of Jahilliyyah” 153 more words


Burj Khalifa: At the Top Experience

How many people can say they toured the tallest building in the world? I can and I marveled at its beauty.

We had a morning tour so we checked out of the hotel early, then stopped by the fountains before hustling toward the Dubai Mall. 89 more words



PART 2 – Shaykh Abu Bakr Al-Husayni Hafidhahullaah was brought up in a house of goodness and piety, and flourished by love for the Deen and to be successful, until his studies took him to the academy of Islaamic Studies, he graduated from the Islaamic university in Baghdaad after having completed therein his Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees. 750 more words

Khailfa Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi