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Khăn Lau ống kính - Khăn lau Lens

Chúng tôi chuyên cung cấp đủ các loại khăn lau ống kính, khăn lau lens với nhiều mứt giá và chất lượng khác nhau, siêu sạch chống tĩnh điện, chống trầy xước, chống mờ sương có tác dụng diệt khuẩn giúp ống kính (lens) máy ảnh luôn sạch và rõ nét. 99 more words

Khăn Lau Mắt Kính

Khăn lau mắt kính siêu mềm mại, lau sạch bụi bẩn. 166 more words

codeigniter database fetching problems

 public function fetch_user_added_ads_display()
  return $q->result();

Hello friends can anyone please suggest me how can i fetch data from database, that is i need from 4th row to 8th row,so how can i do it in codeigniter… 12 more words

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SCAN and CSCAN algorithm

I am having hard time understanding the working of SCAN and CSCAN algorithm of disk scheduling.I understood FCFS,Closest Cylinder Next but heard that SCAN resembles elevator mechanism and got confused. 46 more words

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Little tricky programme output

For the snippet I thought but couldn’t find reason.


Why is this printing 3 with the output.the output is tim3. Why??

Answer @ … 12 more words

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Woman Crush Wednesday: Kareena Kapoor Khan

Since it’s Wednesday and Daff Diaries has gone Bollywood for the week, this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is none other than the fashionista herself, Kareena Kapoor Khan. 495 more words

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