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Lunchtime in Mumbai

The Lunchbox starts with Ila, a Mumbai housewife and mother, cooking food and packing it in a metallic lunchbox that consists of stackable bowls. That lunchbox gets delivered across Mumbai to a grumpy, lonely office worker. 354 more words


A New Memory - Part Three - KN

A New Memory

Part Three

By Kendra Nelson

It was the beginning of winter, and the events that had caused Loki to almost break were far behind. 2,664 more words

Kendra Nelson

A New Memory - Part Two - AW

A New Memory
Part Two
By Angela Watts

Khan walked through the halls silently, avoiding chat. The halls were full of busy people, servants, etc. It had been so since the announcement, yesterday. 4,225 more words


Encrypted-a challenge

When I was a kid, I remember learning two encryption techniques from my grandmother. The first was the substitution cipher / Caesar cipher / Secret decoder ring method. 931 more words

A New Memory - Part One - KN

A New Memory

Part One

By Kendra Nelson

“Okay, okay,” Sigyn giggled. “Stop it, you big harmless fluff ball of a king.”

She pushed Loki’s face away from hers, holding his head back as he continued to pucker his lips in what he thought was a convincing pout. 2,216 more words

Kendra Nelson

Exuberant journey: life

Life is a journey of ups and downs

just like the roller coaster goes speeding down

Life has a rhythm of going pinnacle to pinnacle and… 173 more words