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Kharkov: fascist thugs disperse Communist Party rally against price increases

On September 18 a gang of fascist thugs drawn mainly from ultras from the local Metallist football team attacked a Communist Party rally protesting against price increases and Kiev’s so-called “anti-terrorist operation” against the Donbass.  225 more words


Partizans Blew Up Fuel Shipment Meant for Repressions in Novorossiya in Kharkov Railyard


Near the Osnova rail station in Kharkov, at about 21.00 MSK, partizans set off an explosive device that caused a fire in a train with tank trucks. 97 more words


Fixing the "mistake..." Joining Europe... Doesn't this sound familiar?

“We are fixing the 350-year old mistake — Ukraine is Europe,” Arseniy Yatsenuk, the prime minister, told the Parliament, known as the Rada.

From a…

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There is information in press about unloading in Kharkov airport of two American military transport C-130 MLRS


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09/10/2014 Military Review

News portal “Novorossia” with reference to the local residents reported that in the airport of Kharkiv it landed two military transport aircraft the USAF C-130 «Hercules», which brought to  Ukraine  the  multiple launch rocket systems. 48 more words

Partizans Blow Up Power Transformer in Kharkov

Tanya: Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya’s Feat




Partizans blew up a power transformer station near the main railway station in Kharkov to hinder delivery of junta reinforcements to the Donbass. 8 more words


C'était le jour de mes rêves...

The more I live the more proofs I get that life is full of surprises. And thanks God in my case they are mostly pleasant. Thursday night did not promise anything unusual. 418 more words

"Manifest" by Andrey Avramenko, Kharkov

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“Manifest” by Andrey Avramenko, Kharkov

I envy the Russians, I envy these “katsaps” and “the Moskals”!

I envy their Olympics and their army. 708 more words