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Essay - Iran: Negotiating from a Nuclear Shadow

When testifying before Congress in September 2013, Wendy Sherman, US Undersecretary of State, provided an unflattering characterization of Iran’s diplomatic history by commenting that deception is in Iran’s DNA (Stephens, 2013).   1,130 more words


Does the Price of Watermelons Matter? Economic Performance and Political Legitimacy in the Islamic Republic of Iran - by A. Nicholas Gossen

Despite Ayatollah Khomeini’s famous comment that the Iranian revolution was “not about the price of watermelons,” the Islamic Republic of Iran was in part founded on economic promises of redistribution, equality, and justice. 77 more words


Iran's Revolutions: The Fall Of The Monarchy And The Rise Of Islam

The Shah

Mohammed Reza Shah began to loose popularity far before he was unseated in 1979. His policies regarding the United States, his actions within his own country, and his firm denial against the bad reputation he was receiving, all contributed to the loss of his throne during the Islamic Revolution. 3,024 more words

Iranian Revolution

Two Important Articles from Dr. Andrew Bostom

Few, if any, Americans have a more sober and complete understanding of Islamic doctrine, particularly Shariah and Jihad, than Dr. Andrew Bostom.

Two days ago, he penned two very important and educational articles on the threat from the Islamic Republic of Iran and the willful blindness and denial Westerners and Americans in particular have when it comes to that threat. 57 more words

Nuclear Program

Three Forms of Knowledge - Truths, Virtue, and Works

In the twenty fourth chapter of his Forty Ḥadīth, Imām Khumaynī discusses an ḥadīth wherein the Messenger (saws) is reported to have had a conversation with an individual about someone the Arabs called a highly knowledgeable individual. 1,697 more words


In teh Iran, Teil 4: Teheran

Noch mehr Iran also. Nach unserer Rückkehr aus Isfahan wollen wir es nochmal wissen. Unsere Reizüberflutung hat nachgelassen und wir fühlen uns bereit für eine neue Runde Teheran. 2,052 more words


Clash of Civilizations #7 - Gulf War

George Bush sen., Khomeini, Saddam Hussein and his victims. by poison gas. Painting by Werner Horvath.