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Kia Soul - The Best Interior of Any Car For This Money?

Hell, the interior of the Soul is real quality! I mean it’s up there with BMW and Audi. The binnacle cover over the instrument panel is made of leather with slick stitching that matches that on the seats and steering wheel; the front speakers sit like flat toadstools on top of the dashboard. 110 more words


Kia Soul - Tesco's Raspberry Rip-off

I don’t know if the check-girl at Tesco just wanted to make conversation about the Soul but it was a good opening line regardless.

Spotting my punnet of raspberries on the conveyor belt, she whispered that Tesco was charging £2 for 170kg of the soft fruit when last week it was the same price for 200kg. 58 more words


Kia Soul - Funky Fun On Four Wheels

I’m surprised the original Soul didn’t prove more popular than it did. I’m not sure the majority of the British public was ready for a funky-looking SUV – they was normal stuff, built by Ford and Vauxhall. 64 more words


Video: It Pays to Cross the Bridge!

Watch to get an inside look at our state-of-the-art dealership and learn why you should choose us!

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KIA Is Hot!

If you’re here reading this blog post, there’s no doubt that you’ve been influenced by at least one of KIA’s marketing initiatives in 2014. From the K900 Super Bowl commercial, through the NBA Playoffs, and most recently the World Cup, KIA has been attracting massive amounts of attention this year. 522 more words