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On the Topic of Child Nudity and Controversy in Film

Throughout the years we’ve seen underage nudity appear on film with the excuse of it being ‘art’. While I understand why they might say that, I however do not agree with most of the uses. 648 more words


Fast Five Review - Kick-Ass 2

Reviewed by Jennifer

1. Did you like it?

Not so much.

2. Why/why not?

Set a few years after the first movie, Kick-Ass 2 continues the story of Dave and Mindy, two high schoolers who lead double lives as “real super heroes” Kick-Ass and Hit Girl. 166 more words



As far as British teenager films go, this is by far my favourite. I’m not sure why I call it a ‘guilty pleasure’ because it’s actually not. 117 more words

Watch: Prince's "The Breakdown" gets an amazing video, courtesy of Robert De Niro

Among Robert De Niro’s storied filmography, 1999′s Analyze This is often overshadowed by Casino, Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, and even, ugh, Meet the Fockers… 227 more words


Soap & Glory 'Kick Ass' Concealer review

I purchased the Soap & Glory ‘Kick Ass’ Concealer a couple of months ago after hearing some fantastic reviews. I use concealer more often than foundation so I consider it an important feature in my make up routine. 335 more words


This guy's tattoo actually plays music

As someone born of a generation obsessed with tattoos, and who has a little ink himself, even I think the whole idea is ridiculous. Sure, they’re permanent reminders of some cherished memory, but what is that heart-shaped skull going to look like at age 70? 544 more words