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Top 10 SuperHero Movies

When I was a kid I was always super excited at the thought of going to the convenience store down the street (Bushy John’s – for real), to pick up new comic books. 3,629 more words


Hate your Job? - More Reason to Kick Ass At It

I have had my fair share of mean bosses and uncomfortable work situations. I know what it feels like to wake up and absolutely loathe having to go to that place. 643 more words


Courage - Pt. 2

Why didn’t I snap back with a response, a retort, even a sharp reprimand? Where were all those quick, witty rejoinders I could have rattled off with an easy, graceful humor? 848 more words


Why I don't like kick-ass heroines

There was a time not so long ago when girls in fiction got a pretty raw deal. Raw in the sense that if they stepped out of line, didn’t conform to social norms and expectations they got severely put down. 1,004 more words




This is for all you warrior princesses out there~ stay kick ass.

Love, Ally


Do you need some motivation?

Do you need a cup of kick yourself in the ass motivation?
Then read this article. You’ll thank me later!!