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Player Manager: Why I'll buy Football Manager Classic 2014 on Vita

Anyone who grew up alongside Commodore’s home computer powerhouse, the Amiga 500, recognises the name Dino Dini.  As the man responsible for the incredibly popular Kick-Off series, his name is etched into all of our brains as one of the grandfathers of virtual football.   830 more words

Opinions And Hearsay

My First Post!

Hello Folks!

To think this is only my first post after I opened this blog in, like, 4 or 5 months ago? I’ve been putting this off for faaaaaar too long. 289 more words

First Post

Wholly Life After Cancer

Greetings and Welcome! This is my brand new blog about my endeavors while enjoying the most whole and fulfilled life possible after cancer. I am a 7 year Breast Cancer survivor and am looking forward to sharing all my quirks, crafts, ideas, how-to’s, findings, and the occasional recipe :) Whatever is pressing on this old brain will be made available here! 13 more words

April 7-8

4.  After he is released from prison, Malcolm X becomes a preacher in the Nation of Islam.   What do you learn about this time of his life? 260 more words

Kick Off

Take A Chance and Make a Difference

April 6, 2014

I am an iT Works! Independent Distributor and today is my big 45 day challenge kick off. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I wanted to change, motivate myself, and continue my “me project”. 526 more words

Kick Off

Take a Break.

It’s officially summer and I’ve been home for 5 days already. . and I’ve been enjoying this vacation so far. I’m going to start my internship at ABS-CBN Bacolod on April 14 that’s why I’m taking all my time enjoying myself. 222 more words

April 3-4

1. What do you learn about Malcolm’s childhood (and family life) in the early parts of the movie?

Growing up, he wasn’t really with his mother, as he was sent off to a foster home. 202 more words

Kick Off