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Should I Back Feng Shui 2: Action Movie Roleplaying Game?

I need your help and feedback; the other day I saw both Facebook and Google+ plastered with links to this Kickstarter. Knowing nothing about the first edition of this game, a little research was promptly conducted and I have come to the conclusion that this might be something for me. 89 more words


Quick News Aug 13 - Aug 19

It has been a mostly uneventful week this here at the office, but some notable news has still come forth! With many companies gearing up for Essen, and others still winding down from Gen Con, everyone has their hands full. 319 more words


True Dungeon Announces UpWorks Gaming Terrain Line, Kickstarter Coming Later This Month

A big announcement has surfaced from True Dungeon today, the company that hosts the largest RPG event at Gen Con each year. The company has just announced UpWorks, a new product line that will be releasing a different kind of tabletop terrain. 265 more words


Last One Standing: Your Guide to Death and Glory

Here’s a Kickstarter where I’ve know the creator his entire life.  Literally.  It’s my son, Stephen, who also reviews webcomics on ComicSpectrum.  I’m a role-player myself, I started with the D&D basic box set in 1977, moved on to Greyhawk & Blackmoor, and then the original AD&D hardcovers.  357 more words


Sweet Jesus Mircales do Happen - Appendix N Kickstarter Finally Shipped!

I would like report that I have finally received a shipping notice for the first Appendix N Kickstarter. Sweet baby Jesus, miracles do happen! Well, according to the tracking number, it has still not been processed in to the Post Office.   101 more words


Go Down The Rabbit Hole With PlayMe - On Kickstarter

You’ve fallen down, down the rabbit hole, and this whole thing seems awfully familiar. You see a small table with a box where you expect to see a potion; instead of the familiar bottle with a “Drink Me” tag, the box simply says “PlayMe”. 284 more words


Quality of Kickstarter Projects are Horrible These Days!

Early this year Kickstarter opened the flood gates for project submissions. They implemented a change in their policy to screen all project submissions before they were allowed to go live. 275 more words