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Introducing Hex Chests by Elder Wood, Now on Kickstarter

If you haven’t been able to tell yet, we’re pretty big fans of custom-made gaming accessories. In fact, we just reviewed the new Dice Chest from Dog Might Games, which is a great example of the sort of custom-made things we love to see incorporated with tabletop gaming. 268 more words


Dragon's Ransom Tells The Dungeon-Crawl Story...But In Reverse?!

We all hear of, and play plenty, of dungeon-crawling games where we take on the role of hero, delve into dungeons and defeat the bad guys. 267 more words


Kickstarter Picks - 20 Oct 2014

Deluxe V20 Dark Ages – Vampire – Dark Ages anniversary edition. Funded with two weeks to go.


Quick News Oct 11 - Oct 17

Essen is in full swing this week and we would highly recommend liking your favorite companies on Facebook and watch their updates, as they are releasing all kinds of awesome games. 328 more words


Lords of War: Magic and Monsters Up on Kickstarter

When I think about feuds in the fantasy realm, I’m immediately drawn to one of the oldest quarrels in the history of nearly any fantasy game on the market: orcs and dwarves. 267 more words


Ultimum: A Multi-Platform Tabletop RPG on Kickstarter

Role playing games have long existed with pen and paper, though having access to these games digitally to bring more players together with the same system is very appealing. 260 more words



Here at 5d Comics, we like to give you presents for the holidays…especially a day like Halloween which is firmly rooted in evil. With that said: 13 more words