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Interview with Rise of Cthulhu's Chuck Yager

Earlier this week we talked a bit about Rise of Cthulhu, an insane card game currently on Kickstarter. In the game you play as on one of the cultist factions trying to awaken the Old Ones and claim victory over the competition. 1,124 more words

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Prynt: instant printer + augmented reality video

In a world where everything is digital and we watch our photos probably on a computer or a tablet, Prynt wants to reverse the situation. The aim is to make memorable our best moments printing a photo in about 30 seconds and without using an external printer, but simply attaching a relative small “print cover”. 162 more words


Exploding Kittens becomes Most backed Campaign on Kickstarter

Last week a new card game which features exploding cats, magical enchiladas, and back hair funded over four million dollars, reaching their funding goal of $10,000 in just minutes. 258 more words


AEG and Fun to 11 Take To Kickstarter With Epic PVP

Pick a combination, or choose one at random. A Goblin Barbarian? Human Paladin? Orc Rogue? So many combinations are available in this new game, Epic PVP… 261 more words


Vulcan's Flame

A geometric wall of fire burning on the sands of the Black Rock Desert. This immobile blaze stands as an edifice to Burning Man’s original figurehead. 602 more words


Daily Pie: A Yummy Kickstarter

I’ve supported lots of Kickstarter projects, most of them comics, but this is the first one that made me happy just to look at it. Here’s the (not so) skinny: 10 more words


Guest Column: When is Enough Too Much?

This has been an off week in terms for gaming, but that’s okay. I’m not stressing out about getting every game played so that allows me (and my group) to play whatever sparks our fancy for the week. 652 more words

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