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Kickstarter Picks - 28 Jul 2014

Steampunk Infantry Support – 28mm steampunk infantry support weapons, still a couple of weeks to go.

Elf Quest adventure card game – Official Elf Quest game, funded with a week to go.


Mantic Games Offering Mars Attacks Early Bird Special

Back in November Mantic Games successfully funded Mars Attacks: a board game of Martian brain splattering, giant bug attacks, and much more. Now, with just two months away from the game’s official launch, Mantic is saying that Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game is their most successful game to date. 201 more words


Kickstarter Picks - 21 Jul 2014

Zombicide: Season 3 – Still time to get in on the biggest zombie game ever to hit the world.

Mouse Guard: Swords & Strongholds – Two weeks left and well funded, play the game from the graphic novels.

Board Game

Quick News July 12th - July 18th

This week has blown by in a blur! We’re inching ever-closer to our move, which will come in stages. We’re at the one week mark from where we separate from our family and begin the wait to Gen Con. 316 more words


Hand Minted Fantasy Coins Nearly Funded On Kickstarter

When I think of coinage being used by races we play in fantasy games, I honestly don’t think of pristine and perfect coins. I imagine them being hand-made, varying in stamp, thickness, being identified by their symbols and general size. 179 more words


...And this was supposed to be a light week!

Busy as all hell…

I will be doing a panel on Saturday I believe (I’ll announce time on twitter, probably) and be at the Creature Entertainment booth most of the day, signing books and prints, maybe doing quick commissions in between. 92 more words


New Mediums For Reaching Out

Today marks the release of Magic 2015’s Duels of the Planeswalkers. I will be joining hopefully many others as they start to stream the new game today, and introducing others to the world of Magic. 452 more words

Magic: The Gathering