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The Little Black Dress Collection by Emma Hunt was established in hopes of creating a capsule of artisan couture to share with women of all shapes and sizes in the United Kingdom. 540 more words


Defining Your Day

I was excited to see my copy of Norman Ackroyd‘s book The Stratton Street Series and my day planner arrive from the UK on the same day last week. 273 more words

Dad's Garage Getting Bigger. I'm Getting Smaller.

My parents know I have two big-ass goals right now. The first is to lose weight from my big ass. The second is to raise money to help… 321 more words


This Kickstarter Wants To Put 'Justin Bieber's Balls In Your Mouth'

Have you ever been bobbing your head along to your favorite song and wondered, “What would this music taste like?” Unless you were rolling face on MDMA, probably not. 344 more words


The "What, How, and Why" of the Smartwatch Arms Race

Recently, I re-discovered an old TED talk that happens to be a longtime favorite of mine. It’s by leadership expert Simon Sinek, and is his first TEDx talk, given in 2009. 1,440 more words

Industry Focus

The Grimbold Books Kickstarter - Fully Funded!

The Grimbold Books Kickstarter is OFFICIALLY OVER and we managed to achieve pledges that totalled over FOUR THOUSAND POUNDS – that’s around 150% funded. Thank you so much to everyone that pledged, retweeted, liked or just generally showed their support. 54 more words