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Literary (Temporary) Tattoos

A love of book quotes? Check.

A fear of needles? Check.

Tattoos? Absolutely not!

Here’s a great idea for those of us who are petrified of inking up and regretting it: temporary tattoos! 235 more words

3 Kickstarter projects that effortlessly destroyed their Shark Tank equivalents

There have been many revolutionary products going viral on Kickstarter in the past few weeks. Coolest Cooler has reached nearly $7 million (and counting). Seeing these videos led me to flashback to similar products I had seen on Shark Tank months before. 273 more words

So The Votes Are In...

Okay, so the collective wisdom of the backing Wyrm fans has spoken. My vote didn’t win, not that I expected it to. Based on the campaigns (rather than necessarily the characters themselves), the results here were two out of three predictable, at least insofar as, for what it’s worth, I saw two of them coming a mile off. 297 more words


Building Community - Kickstarter Project

Hey folks.

I’ve been exceptionally fortunate to “meet” people from around the globe through various means – for the past 10 + years it has been increasingly due to an online presence, first on web forums such as DVInfo.net, and more recently via this Blog and LinkedIn. 250 more words


The Kickstarter campaign is almost at the halfway mark and it doesn't look good for my Franklin Park photobook

Last week I was glad to be able to report that the Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of my next book, a photobook of Franklin Park,  305 more words


Why I Love Psionics

So once upon a time, when I was a starry-eyed college student, I met a guy who made games. I thought that was pretty cool, because my dad made games too, and as a result, I tended to like gaming a lot. 796 more words

End Transmission Games

SchWag: Schrodinger's Wager by Stellaris Games

Gillian and James pReview SchWag: Schrodinger’s Wager by Stellaris Games and Sarcastic Robot. Look for it on Kickstarter in January 2015.

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