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Jibo - Marketing launch in the style of Kickstarter campaign.

In the style of a kickstarter campaign, Cynthia Breazeal is bringing Jibo to the masses.  If you’re into marketing, you’ll quickly realize that this campaign style and marketing closely resembles a kickstarted campaign.   60 more words


Dual Wield Software Dev Diary: When Humble Beginnings Grow

Hi, I’m Chad Waller, developer of the upcoming game The Regret of Vitrerran. If my name sounds familiar, it’s because I’m a writer for this site. 864 more words


Preserving My Family Photos 2

I decided to go back and look at some of the photos I had taken sometime ago and found some photos of the large boxes full of old photographs that I had before they were organized. 429 more words


Meet the Stealthiest Member of Sacrifice

This week’s Sacrifice character reveal introduces Cash. I love writing his dialogue, and he quickly became one of my favorite supporting characters. Everyone needs a gay best friend, especially the always troubled… 98 more words


Let's Start A Fire

At long last, things are happening. In my brain slides that strange moment of recognition that perhaps after all there *was* a right answer all along. 231 more words


This iPhone Case Does Away With The Worst Part Of Selfies

You know the dumb-looking half-arm thing that happens when you take a selfie? If you don’t know what we’re talking about, it looks a little like this… 168 more words