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Photographers Squared - Our 5th location has been chosen!

RA and I had the great pleasure of choosing our 5th location in the beautiful historic Powel house in Philadelphia yesterday. Many thanks Philalandmarks.org! 64 more words


#Crowdfunding - The Perfect Circle

When I think about the portrayal of autism in films, I think of “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” or “Rain Man”. While doing some more research about my upcoming independent film, I stumbled upon this: 441 more words

Treasure On The Web

The Daily Dwarf #7

And finally, in this run down of the seven dwarfs I have painted in the last few weeks is a fine specimen who is always suffering with a cold and sneezing a lot. 17 more words

28mm Miniatures

On the Doormen. The Webseries. The Kickstarter. The Wrap Party!!!

Thank you once again for everyone who’s supported us financially and backed this project so far! It kind of blows my mind, the number of people who have shown up and just given over their money, believing that what we’re doing is genuinely worth it… Wow.  180 more words


Shadowrun is coming back to Kickstarter in January 2015

#ShadowrunReturns #developer Harebrained Schemes LLC is back at it; they left a #teaser message on the Kickstarter website suggesting a new project is coming our way. 175 more words

Linux Game News

Backer Update #12: Surveys and ear cushions

Kickstarter surveys asking for addresses, Arc color and more were sent out on Monday.

A few people have contacted us about the mobile platform they identified in the survey. 160 more words

Product Updates

Kickstarter campaign is live!

So we have officially launched our Kickstarter campaign. We are looking for an initial investment to get ourselves of the ground. Click here to head over to our page and pledge just a little bit of money. 18 more words