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Glimpses: Painted Eggs


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Happy Weekending!

Note:  These eggs are blown and painted with tempera paints.


Drawing each other

Who’s drawing whom? Alex & Trevor / Trevor & Alex?


Godzilla Fan Club Newsletters, 1977

In Famous Monsters of Filmland #132 (March, 1977), an advertisement appeared for a Godzilla Fan Club. The ad was placed by a gentleman named Richard Campbell. 343 more words


Creative Ways to Conquer Kid Art

The older my kids get, the more creative their time seems to be spent at school. Let’s face it, they come home with at least 78 new drawings a day- ok maybe I’m exaggerating.   222 more words

Manageable Holiday Decorating

Along with the joy of parenting come new feelings of inadequacy.

Take a look at any daycare, pre-K, or elementary school classroom and they are highly decorated with whatever holiday season we happen to be in. 321 more words


Ceramic Self portraits

For the last two weeks we have been making self portraits out of clay. The students have been working on the element of form so this was really comfortable for them. 73 more words

In Progress: March


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about working at home with children and balancing the work of a creative life along with the work of family life.   322 more words