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does it all HAVE to mean something?

i’m pretty sure i have posted about this before…in the past…i don’t know. but here it is, stumbling back into my brain like a drunk cousin that calls you for a place to sleep while they are “in town”. 478 more words

Matters Of The Heart

More about the Sock Creatures and their Ancestral Home

Who hasn’t daydreamed about living in a stately home furnished with shabby-chic antiques and the bric a brac collected by their forebears, such as the eighth duke’s collection of golf clubs and the ball gown Lady Amanda wore when dancing with the Ruritanian Ambassador? 63 more words


Guest Cartoonist: Addy Rose, age 3

My 3-year-old daughter emulating her old man’s style. Actually, I think she may have elevated it a bit. Maybe I should ask for some pointers. Anyway, it did me proud, so I thought I’d share.

Jay Unplugged

10 cool drawing by kids that I would definitely hang on my wall

1. Super cool astronaut dude who doesn’t even need a helmet to be in outer space.

2. Green giant dinosaur with an extremely little head and huge paws. 101 more words


A Tangle of Christmas Zen

This year, my daughter Erika and I, decided to try some ZenTangle-inspired Christmas cards. She did 3 and I did 3 and we had them printed on matte cards. 34 more words