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How to Sprout Lentils (A step by step tutorial)

Things you’ll need:

• Lentils (Or any other type of legume, including beans, peas or peanuts.)
• A strainer.
• A glass, porcelain or stainless steel bowl. 627 more words

Bean Sprouts

Oui Oui without the Foo Foo - Cordon Bleu in a Blast

Whenever I think of French cooking, I imagine A LOT of work.  I don’t know about you, but the fancy sauces and long, slow cook times have always intimidated me. 276 more words

Save Time Cooking

meal planning

The last six months have been probably the fullest, busiest, craziest six months in my short history of parenthood thus far. With me heading back to work three days a week, Birdie starting three year old kinder plus a day of childcare and little Pixie going to childcare one, then two days per week, along with Prince Charming working his regular two jobs, our lives were jam packed with drop offs and pick ups, tearful goodbyes and all the in-betweens – cooking, cleaning, dressing, bathing, and so on. 430 more words

Nourishing Food

No sombrero necessary

With a last name like Kelley, it’s safe to assume that I’m not of Hispanic descent.  In fact,  you could even say that I am about as far from it as you can get and still be a member of the human race. 257 more words

Save Time Cooking

Shortbread Appetizers

I came up with the idea for shortbread cookie appetizers because I wanted to do something extra with some Gullon brand (TM) sugar-free shortbread cookies I had purchased, but any kind of shortbread cookies could be used with this.  60 more words

17 Bean Medley in a Crockpot on a Whim...

I decided it was about time to cook some old-fashioned beans in my shiny red crock pot I got two Christmases ago. And so, lo and behold, I purchased the generic, inexpensive bag of said 17 Bean Medley, but it might well be a 15 bean medley or some other number. 433 more words

In The Kitchen

The "Perfect" Cake

Before motherhood, I was a perfectionist and I had that quality perfected. Now that I’m four and a half years into this motherhood gig, I’ve finally determined it’s not worth all the time, effort, stress and craziness that it brings along. 255 more words