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do we want to talk about…i feel like we need a slightly narrower topic than “ya lit we read”

Terry Wright


Heeee. The second-choice name for our blog: “BUSY WITH YOU, BABY” or “GETTING BUSY WITH TERRY AND VANESSA” 4,239 more words

Diversity in kid-lit

As I was scrolling through tumblr I came across an interesting bit of literature regarding kid-lit’s and… well, let me quote…

Last week, BookCon announced their event’s lineup of blockbuster kid lit panelists.

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Kid Lit Blog Hop #37 - New Logo!

 The Kid Lit Blog Hop hostesses are super-excited to unveil our new Kid Lit Blog Hop button. Tada!!!

The Kid Lit Blog Hop began roughly 1 1/2 years ago and the original design for the button was drawn by my then 9 year old daughter, who complained that she could have drawn something much better if I hadn’t insisted on stick figures. 748 more words


A Character MUST Die!

A Character MUST Die!

Natalie Bright

My WIP is going great. Writing, writing, writing… until this morning.

Last night, our 13yo told me about the latest video game that he and his friends have mastered. 320 more words


Nice press....

This month and last I was featured in a couple of great Canadian magazines and though I have been feeling a little shy to post this, I need to thank these lovely people (and perhaps you will be curious to check out the great articles they have written - they are online too). 177 more words

Elly's Paper Art

In which Miss Molly comes to a Grimm Conclusion.

Grimm Conclusion
Adam Gidwitz


Along the same vein as A Tale Dark and Grimm, and In a Glass Grimmly, this tale follows Jorinda and Joringel as they navigate their way through various fairy tales, ala the Grimm Brothers: The Juniper Tree, Cinderella, and a few others. 510 more words

Public Library


Photo by Helen Montoya Henrichs.


I sit in the shade of a tree
and try to play my daddy’s guitar,
but the noise is all wrong, 504 more words