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One, two, three, fork!

Micaela: “Did you draw that sun yourself?!”
Emeth: “Yay-yeh!”
Micaela: “Wow, that is so beautiful!”

* * * * *

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Kid Quotes

made by ethan

During my most recent fund-raising event, Ethan created these adorable Christmas magnets.  I just love his heart of compassion!

Missionary Girl

The generosity of Stephen

Me: “Stephen and Adrian!  Come vacuum the popcorn you dropped in the kitchen!”

Stephen and Adrian:  “Ok, Mom!”

Stephen:  “Adrian, since you like using the central vac SO much, I’m going to let you do it all!   85 more words


Things My Five Year Old Says: About Food.

A recent conversation between BB, Age 5 and my Husband:

Dan to BB:

Would you like peanut butter and jelly?

BB to Dan:

Daddy, For the past three days I have had peanut butter and jelly.

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I decided it’s high time to start decorating Stephen and Adrian’s room.  So yesterday, I told them I’d take them to the store and they could each pick out a poster to hang up. 117 more words


Lemon bag head

It’s a good thing Emeth didn’t die!

- Micaela, commenting on Emeth’s survival after falling down one flight of steps.

* * * * *

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Kid Quotes

Will's Snow Adventure

This morning, Adrian wanted to go outside to play in the snow.  We rummaged up the snow pants, boots, hat, and gloves required to play outside in 5 degree weather.   462 more words