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What's a manhood?

Mommy recently had to get stitches due to an unfortunate cooking accident involving a steak knife. Lola was helping mommy re-bandage her fresh “owie.” Mommy was determined not to yell or say bad words, but as the re-bandaging was pretty painful, mommy sure was kicking up her back leg to compensate for not moving her hand.  49 more words

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Resisting the Rush

“I’m not going to swim in the fast current.  I want to do what feels good to me, because I rather not drown and miss the beautiful flow of life.” 281 more words

Happy Hour Appetizers

Adorable Babies

John David is now 9 months old, so I figured it was time for another “remember when” kind of post.  Check them out!!!  This collage has each of my boys, at 9 months of age.   640 more words

Little Boys

Draw a Picture

Me: Draw a picture for your Aunt!
Teo draws a square with squiggles in it.
Me: I like your square!
Teo: No, it’s a picture frame with a picture in it. Like you said

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spelling test

One of my favorite skype friends is my nephew, Ethan. Since I’ve been out of town, he calls me after school via skype to chat about his day. 139 more words

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Not Made to Stand Still


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JD isn’t crawling yet, but he uses bottom scooting, pushing backwards, and the belly clock to get around. 1,146 more words

Little Boys

No More Jumping on the Bed

I have an idea so you won’t be frustrated. When you aren’t here, I’ll jump. And when you are here, I’ll stop jumping

(For the record, he is allowed to jump on his own bed, but he has been destroying our bed & …

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