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Things My Five Year Old Says: About Food.

A recent conversation between BB, Age 5 and my Husband:

Dan to BB:

Would you like peanut butter and jelly?

BB to Dan:

Daddy, For the past three days I have had peanut butter and jelly.

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Lemon bag head

It’s a good thing Emeth didn’t die!

- Micaela, commenting on Emeth’s survival after falling down one flight of steps.

* * * * *

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Kid Quotes

5 Hilarious Kid Quotes

By Jake Laurie

Working with very young students takes a special breed of teacher. Five year old kids can be challenging, demanding, adorable, impatient and infuriating, but they can be oh so hilarious. 411 more words

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Emersonisms IX

* We’re always singing together in the car. This time Matt and I were singing some song for her and she interrupts with, “No, stop! Let Mommy have a turn, Dad!” haha! 339 more words



Just to prove the theory of “great minds think alike.”  Ethan and I wore our DCH T-shirts on the same day!

Kid Quotes

Mommy stripes.

I was playing with my boys earlier today. We were wrestling and mommy was a jungle gym, then the tickling began.

Quickly, my Isaac melted my heart. 81 more words