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Just to prove the theory of “great minds think alike.”  Ethan and I wore our DCH T-shirts on the same day!

Kid Quotes

Mommy stripes.

I was playing with my boys earlier today. We were wrestling and mommy was a jungle gym, then the tickling began.

Quickly, my Isaac melted my heart. 81 more words


can't we just pray anywhere?

My family has always loved auctions, barn sales, estates sales, etc.  If it’s antique, old, unique, or even just looks old and unique, we’ll consider purchasing it.  202 more words

Kid Quotes

Friday Funnies : Kid Quotes

Isaac: “I am so . . . My hands are tired.”
Mommy: “Isaac, when do you think cousin Maggie will be born?”

Isaac: “Mommy, Maggie will come out of Aunt Beth’s tummy on her BIRTHday!!!” … 14 more words

Kid Quotes

Alphabetical Anatomy

PHONICS: a method of teaching people to read and pronounce words by learning the sounds of letters, letter groups, and syllables

Dear Kindergarten Teacher,

Daughter is enjoying the Letter of the Day series you are doing in class.

132 more words

Chasing the girls: 2nd grade edition

I asked Stephen if he had a girlfriend and he said “no.”

“Good,” I said.  “I think you’re a little too young for a girlfriend.” 24 more words

Kid Quotes

Friday Funnies: KID QUOTES

Tom and I were talking & he came up with the brilliant idea that I should start a blog post at least once a week where other people can participate… 82 more words