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Family Dinner Date

It’s always a pleasure to be around my 2 loves. While enjoying a yummy meal and great conversations.

TGIFriday’s one of my favorite restaurants. I’ll have the usual a grilled chicken cobb salad.

Mommy Time

Review: Yoomi

I want to give a shout out and a big thank you to the life changing folks at Yoomi and ask them, where in the heck were you two years ago?! 455 more words



We were studying with my 13-year-old for a test on photosynthesis.

Me: “All right, so what happens when Carbon Dioxide and Water get together?”
My daughter: “The Hula Dance.”

My Kids Say Weird Stuff

Craft: newborn hat & blanket shadow box

Do you Have your child’s  blanket and stocking cap from the hospital stuffed away in a closet someplace becoming lunch for a moth or a home for a mouse? 167 more words



Today my 9-year-old to her six-year-old brother: “Stop talking with your mouth open!”

My Kids Say Weird Stuff

What conversation gets a mom out of her chair in less than two seconds?:

After hearing weird noises in the other room, I called out to my son.

Mom: “Son, what are you doing?”
My six-year-old: “Mom, you really don’t want to know.”

My Kids Say Weird Stuff

That's my Rant

As some of you may know, there is a new movie in town. Actually, it’s a remake of an old movie – “Annie.”

I’m quite sure most, if not all are familiar with this movie. 567 more words

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