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Joyful as F*ck

My little family has been growing up. Boy midget took the subway & city bus on his own this weekend. Girl midget has started riding her bike over to friends’ houses during daylight hours. 417 more words

Good Things

Stopping And Finding Our Very Own Art Exhibition...

Families with children will be familiar with the trials and tribulations of travelling long distances with their offspring by road.

We get our kids to pack a small bag of favourite bits to keep them occupied. 169 more words


Twelve: A Soul Well Tended.

Middle School. First year. That’s where we are now. Everyone tries to tell you to hold on tightly. Because, the years are set to mach speed when you’re raising children. 460 more words

Kid Stuff

Questions Kids Ask

Kids.. Inquisitive little beings aren’t they?!

Over the last couple of years the questions from Miss 5 have gone from the ‘but why is the sky blue?’ type to the more in-depth, hard to answer without a huge explanation, and often quite hilarious questions. 369 more words

Kid Stuff

Toilet Paper Roll Knitting Idea #12: Leg Warmers For Your Doll

Aliana started ballet class today.  She was a little nervous about it.

But her teacher was impressed with her flexibility …

and her form.  The teacher did, however, tell Aliana that she needs to point her toes.  234 more words

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Boobs, Binky's, Bottles, & Baby Blues

When Curren was born, our boob Nazi lactation consultant was adamant – “No pacifier for the first 6 WEEKS!”  Piece of cake, I thought.  We had taken all of the baby classes and knew that a pacifier… 1,520 more words

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