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Saint of the day 20141219

19 December


Born Guillame de Grimoard in 1310, Urban studied at Montpellier and Toulouse before becoming Benedictine at Marseilles. He earned a doctorate in law and became the abbot of the monasteries of St.-Germain in Auxerre and St.-Victor in Marseilles. 78 more words


Listening to the Past

Haha, remembering my childhood! Love Disney movies and anything Disney in general. Hannah Montana was literally my life. Dressed up as her with a blonde wig and I even have a poster. Ah memories…


Colorful Pasta

This is more of an idea than a recipe! Sometimes you have to make food fun for kids and enjoy the moment where something as simple as coloring pasta noodles makes an easy and successful dinner time! 136 more words

The Recipe Box

Is It Common To Gamble As A Kid?

This a really odd question but looking back on my childhood, a lot of things were a bit odd. When I was a kid between the ages of 9-12 I used to spend almost all my money (or at least half my pocket money) in the amusements on games where you could win money. 62 more words

Children's films more violent than adults

Some American scientists took the time to watch through childrens movies from 1937 til 2013. Their findings were that children’s movies contain murder and abuse than adult movies. 46 more words


I honestly don't know what to put as a title here.

There’s a guy I know who came out a few months back and I am very proud of him in that he was able to do that. 721 more words