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Fash From The Past

What It Is: Only my favourite childhood toy recreated for the 21st century! To the uninitiated, the gist of this toy for budding fashionistas is to mix and match a range of 3D textured ‘plates’ until you have the perfect combo of top-to-toe looks. 205 more words

Dress You Up In My Love

Raise A Reader

What It Is: In all of my summer ‘Beach Reads’ series I haven’t touched too much on books for little ones. This summer, kick your kid off the computer and, if they won’t go outside and play, give ‘em a book to wile away the hours with. 227 more words

Flash Post

Sand & See

What It Is:A groovy sandcastle mold set that channels some of the world’s most legendary buildings – from the domed tops of the Taj Mahal through to the distinctive and apropos geometry of the Egyptian pyramids. 155 more words

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To Tell The Tooth

What It Is:A whimsical touch for any child’s bedroom, this minute door is meant to be accessible by the tooth fairy only. Install it once your little one starts wiggling their baby teeth, and explain that it cannot be unlocked unless you have the skeleton key (which naturally, a bone collecting fairy would). 93 more words

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The Sweetest of Dreams

The baby boom continues…it seems like every other week I discover someone in my expanded sphere is prego, or I’m packaging up a baby gift, or I’m playing guessing games as to who will announce they’ve got a baby on board next. 716 more words

Home Run