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To Tell The Tooth

What It Is:A whimsical touch for any child’s bedroom, this minute door is meant to be accessible by the tooth fairy only. Install it once your little one starts wiggling their baby teeth, and explain that it cannot be unlocked unless you have the skeleton key (which naturally, a bone collecting fairy would). 93 more words

Flash Post

The Sweetest of Dreams

The baby boom continues…it seems like every other week I discover someone in my expanded sphere is prego, or I’m packaging up a baby gift, or I’m playing guessing games as to who will announce they’ve got a baby on board next. 716 more words

Home Run

When I was a kid my mom would boil my dad’s handkerchiefs over the stove. Long live Kleenex!

Kiddie Corner

A conversation with my mom is like Chinese water torture with Evian.

Kiddie Corner

My youngest talks to me while she walks in a circle. That makes me dizzy and highly susceptible to her requests. She’s an evil genius!

Kiddie Corner

Don’t you just hated when your kid gets off the potty (#2) and comes running to you for a wipe after she’s used the couch as a trampoline?

Kiddie Corner

I don’t feel like making dinner tonight…might just put the kids in front of a World Vision infomercial and then follow up.

Kiddie Corner