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''Listen to me and listen to me good'' (The Mother's Sins Episode 15)

James felt terrible about what had just happened. His sister and Matthew were just abducted. Just thinking about the fact that he had no idea where his sister was being taken heavily messed with the man’s mind. 753 more words


''Go get the boy'' (The Mother's Sins Episode 14)

After James calmed himself down, the man glanced over at his sister who seemed emotionally ruined.
”Emma….Emma…Emma look at me.”, the man said while using his right hand to slowly lift Emma face towards him. 960 more words


''How could you be so stupid?'' (The Mother's Sins Episode 13)

When James noticed the boy he immediately realized that Emma’s problem had something to do with him. As James was walking inside the house Matthew’s eyes were following his every step. 862 more words



On a serene day in spring, in the lovely town of Addison, Connecticut, Amy Trewist, a widow, is running errands with her toddler daughter Grace. As they reach their destination at the bank, unknown to them, on a parallel path, George Carbone and his brother Nate are getting ready for a trip to the casino…but first, they must stop at the bank. 380 more words

Book Review

China condemns Nigerian schoolgirls’ kidnapping

China on Wednesday condemned an incident in Nigeria in which over 100 schoolgirls were kidnapped by armed gunmen, and voiced firm support for the Nigerian government. 78 more words


The Sins of the Grandfather

The sun will rise within two hours.  Another sleepless night imprisons my soul.  Another day of less than consciousness awaits me tomorrow. For now, I have one more story to tell. 980 more words


Woman Pleads Guilty To Snatching Newborn From Garden Grove Hospital

SANTA ANA (AP) — A woman who snatched a newborn child at an Orange County hospital because she wanted her estranged husband to believe she’d given birth has pleaded guilty to kidnapping and burglary. 149 more words