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North Iowa friends participate in a 'kidney swap'

MASON CITY, Iowa – Friendship is taking on a whole new meaning for two north Iowa men.

Cory Redeker and Ed Mikkelsen have been friends for the past 6 years. 287 more words


#Video - Show Love Today

Thanks to Richard St. Amour, @RwjSt on Twitter, I was introduced to this music video by a group called The Street. The video was produced in order to promote organ donation and a portion of the proceeds from downloads will go to the British Heart Association. 35 more words

Hey, buddy, ya wanna buy a kidney?

Several posts back, I wrote about the ethics of organ transplantation, including the phenomena of the black market trade in organs. When it comes to kidneys, this often leads to exploitation of the poor. 275 more words

His Heart Is Broken, So Now He Wants His Kidney

Divorces generally involve broken hearts, but how often do they address kidneys? When Dr. Richard Batista donated his kidney to his wife, Dawnell, in 2001, he undoubtedly thought that kidney would remain in the family. 75 more words


Kidney-transplant rationing is harsh, but necessary

The following is an editorial from the online version of the Union-Bulletin, from Walla Walla, Washington. Due to the ongoing shortage of kidneys available for donation, “new rules have been established to the nation’s (USA) kidney transplant system that favor patients who have a better shot at obtaining a longer-lasting organ.” What do you think? 441 more words

Donating a kidney to save a life

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – The wedding vow goes, “in sickness and in health,” and a local couple is showing us how they took those vows seriously. 297 more words


A Day Off

Well, this is just about the best news I’ve had since I started dialysis. A nurse at the Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) Unit called to tell me that I can have a day off from nightly dialysis once every two weeks. 139 more words