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The Strawbelly Express, with Pictures!

When I lived in Japan, I once saw a little red pickup truck, painted a bright strawberry red. It had alloy wheels (or as we used to say, “mag” wheels), oversized tires and wooden slats on either side of the pickup bed to give it a bit of a stylized rural effect. 348 more words

Be a Part of NKF’s Kidney Patient Summit

The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is hosting the 2nd Annual Kidney Patient Summit in Washington, DC, on March 2-3, 2015.  Join us for this special National Kidney Month event as we unite as one voice to tell Congress about the importance of awareness, prevention and treatment of kidney disease! 208 more words

Kidney Disease

What I Learned When My Kidneys Failed--Postscript

Its been a year and a quarter since I was wheeled into that operating room being almost indifferent to the outcome of the surgery. Either I would wake up and no longer be desperately sick-or I would… 486 more words


This dialysis thing isn't all it's cracked up to be

I’m not sure if I can blame the fact that I’m tethered to a machine whirring away beside me all night long, but I haven’t had a consistently good night of sleep in a while. 159 more words


Honestly, I cannot hope to address the full range of ethical issues associated with organ transplantation. What I do offer is to raise the subject, provide you with links to some helpful articles, and invite you to look within yourself to see whether becoming a living organ donor is right for you. 458 more words

Organ Donation in the USA

My posts so far have been about organ donation in general or the particulars of organ donation in Canada. Many Americans are on a waiting list for transplants as well, and as in Canada, the majority of those are in need of kidney transplants. 100 more words

Don't Take Your Organs to Heaven. Heaven Knows We Need Them Here.

Not everyone is prepared to donate a kidney while still living. No matter how skilled the medical staff, any surgery involves risks. Deceased donations, however, pose no such risk. 385 more words