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Be a Part of NKF’s Kidney Patient Summit

The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is hosting the 2nd Annual Kidney Patient Summit in Washington, DC, on March 2-3, 2015.  Join us for this special National Kidney Month event as we unite as one voice to tell Congress about the importance of awareness, prevention and treatment of kidney disease! 208 more words

Kidney Disease

Stranger donates his kidney and saves life of a dying man

It took just one photo for a stranger to reach out to a dying man, donate one of his kidneys and save the man’s life. 302 more words


k is for kidney kids and Kath

I knew when I started this alphabetic blog tour that when I got to k, that letter would be about my sister Kath. What I didn’t know is that k would also arrive just as fall began. 808 more words


"Boiling the Frog Syndrome" Part 2

Lost in the “Brain-Maze”

I have heard people talk about brain fog, but for me that seems not quite fit. My thinking is less in a state of fog than that it appears to be slowed down, like someone installed speed bumps along the neuron pathways impulses travel on through the brain. 356 more words


Donor Testing, Part Deux, Clearing the Second Set of Hurdles

In the beginning of April, I finally got the news that my urine results were normal. I had “passed” the first round of tests. But then it seemed, the more tests I did, the more things they found that could be a problem, which created more tasks/test for me to do in order to get cleared. 712 more words

Kidney Donation

Boiling the Frog Syndrome

They say that if you were to drop a frog into boiling water, his body-defense-system would instantly register the danger propelling the frog out of the pot to safety. 765 more words


Birmingham man takes proactive approach to finding kidney donor

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – A Birmingham man needs a kidney transplant but has years to wait on a donor list. While the majority of live kidney transplants are done between relatives, that isn’t an option for Ricky Shahid. 280 more words