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Younger Me Was Stupid

When I thought of motherhood years and years ago (when I wasn’t so OLD) my immediate response was “Hell no!” I didn’t want children, not one…and certainly not three. 551 more words


Our Kids

Matt and I have two blonde-headed, blue-eyed kids.

One of them has a strong-willed personality with a witty sense of humor and the other is a sassy, button-nosed cutie with tiny feet who falls down a lot. 120 more words

Family Life

Kids on Wednesday: Managing extra curricular activities

Hi friends,

Kids that participate in extra curricular activities are usually more well rounded, and in my experience, busy kids are good ones, boredom can leave extra time for mischief. 125 more words

I am not a perfect mom

I’m publishing this today….October 1, 2014, but it was written in December 16, 2013. I’m posting it today because it’s still so true. (I sometimes write stuff down and then sit on it….) 1,117 more words


"What Can I Do?"

“What can I do?”. Great words for a man to utter to his wife, to his mother, to his friend in need. Our good friend comes to visit from Colorado every so often and he must ask me this question at least 3 times a day while he’s here. 344 more words



Me: Turkey, how was your day?

Turkey: I got a boo boo, Mama!

Me: Oh, where?

Turkey: Knee.

Me: Oh, Mwah!

Turkey: No! No, kiss it Mama! 22 more words



When I was kid, I was shy. People that know me now may be surprised by that, but it’s true. I think it was high school where I finally came out of my shell. 588 more words