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I hadn’t made one of these for a while…

It’s been one hell of a year my sweet, this one’s for you Summer bear:

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I Got Schooled By "Hook"

It was me, middle, and oldest goofball on the couch. Blanket covering all of our lower halves, snuggled. No lights on except a fire in the fireplace. 476 more words


Not Going to Force You

Thursday after school, oldest swings the front door open, takes a deep breath, flings her backpack to the chair, and proclaims, “I’m running for mayor!” Fifth graders at her school go on a field trip where they replicate being citizens. 355 more words


Kids on Wednesday: Half hour dates

Hi friends,

I know that life is busy and that work days can be full of bills, work, cleaning, and obligations.

Once a week, it’s a great idea to zero in on your kids one on one for a half hour date.   87 more words


I took the past week off of social media to really soak up the holiday spirit and spend time with the three little rugrats that I am so thankful for. 542 more words