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It’s a Dachshund Thing Yo!

I love dachshunds. They are like potato chips, you can’t just have one. Growing up, one of my aunts had a dachshund name Kimba and I fell in love with the breed. 1,363 more words

Kids And Family

Sooooo, Why did you move to US?

So why did you move to US? I still get this question asked all the time. I have been living in this country most of my life but I will always be an immigrant. 923 more words

Kids And Family

August Wrapup

August went by even faster than the previous months!

We had two weeks of summer vacation and we travelled quite a bit (not abroad though). We had nice quality time with family and friends. 59 more words


Who Decided Fish Sauce Was a Good Idea?

Every day at 2:45 my son asks me what’s for dinner. For at least five years I have either refused to answer or reminded him that I don’t like to be asked that because sometimes I don’t know until 5:00. 451 more words


I LOVE DOCTORS, Tribute to the world's greatest profession!

I love doctors, I really do. I have all sorts of them. I have a general practitioner, an allergist, gastroenterologist, dermatologist, sleep therapist, I even have a psychiotrist to help me deal with some of the recent issues. 800 more words

Lung Cancer

Windows 8.1 Family Security

Never leave a child in front of the computer alone. This should be the ideal scenario. In reality, as a working parent, it is easier for me to go to the office when my child is busy in the computer. 201 more words

Kids And Family

My Kids


My life today has been surrounded with this lovely bunch. People will always find me being around with my kids, nieces and nephews for I love being with them.  604 more words

Kids And Family