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You think you had a tough week?

Living in the Cancer’s FU World, there are no such things as dull moments. Just when you think everything is good, it will send you a reminders it may not.   754 more words

Lung Cancer

The Dollhouse

A wedding band.  An aluminum cookie press.  An armoire.  A velvet dress.  A dollhouse.  The list goes on….These are not random items that have caught my eye while shopping.  424 more words

Kids And Family

Sugar and Spice....

Happy new year, and what better subject to start 2015 with than children. I love children…..OK not all children only the pleasant ones. Some kids are just straight up nasty.   377 more words

Kids And Family

A Moment in my Head

I wrote this on December 31 while out of town. I wrote it in my notebook and then didn’t have the chance to post it on my blog. 718 more words

Kids And Family

Mr. Wugidgem and the Faces of Freedom-Episode 2

Thank you for viewing this post.  I am continuing with Episode 2 of Mr. Wugidgem and the Faces of Freedom.  In the first episode we saw Debby and Michael hear of a YouTube video showing a resistance demonstration in Venezuela, and soon after they were teletransported to Carib’s farm, near where it was occurring.  77 more words


Captain Nemo's Nautilus

Music swells, lights dim, a sonar pulse pops and a whirring engine rumbles.

“Full speed ahead 50 knots at 100 revolutions per second”.

Let the voyage begin. 273 more words

Kids And Family

Run Run Mommy

Time is in such short supply these days. The holidays are here and there are a million and one extra happenings going on-you know like school programs, recitals and such (and again add one sick kid into that mix…it’s a revolving door I tell you). 148 more words

Kids And Family