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Snack Attack

Okay, I admit it.  I’m ‘that mom’.  ‘That mom’ who opts to bring the healthy snacks when we’re up for our turn on the snack list.  343 more words

Kids And Family

Creating art from ghost nets

When I first heard about Ghost Nets Australia and its work collecting discarded marine and fishing waste and human-made debris, I was intrigued. As I learnt more about the organisation’s inspiring, creative and innovative environmental projects, I began to appreciate the deeper complexity and change-making effect of their work. 593 more words

Kids And Family


I took the little sir to a kids concert this week.

Wanted to make a memory of that :)


Kids And Family

We made it- another year that is

Every year my husband and I go away for our anniversary.  Every year, you may ask?  Yes, every year.  It is our escape from the busy life WE created (remember in my ABOUT section how I said I was busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way? 788 more words

Kids And Family

Mini Mariners Play

We are deep in the development of a new space for our Under 5 audience. Mini Mariners Play opens this December, and is located at the front of the USA Gallery, exploring themes of under the sea and by the seaside. 201 more words

Australian National Maritime Museum

Now that you have cancer, you guys should Really live your lives!

Next to “Has your wife ever smoked?”, this is my second least favorite comment . Really? Do you just assume that we were sitting on our butts wasting our lives? 552 more words

Lung Cancer

Isn't parenting fun?

Those of you who have kids will relate to this-I hope.  Those of you who don’t, well, you’ll probably get a good laugh- 643 more words

Kids And Family