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Mr. Fratto Gets Married (Version 2)

This one’s not a repeat, guys.  This is the graphic version with kissing.  Right on the lips.  For some reason I have to go tell the President before I get married.   51 more words


Favourite Things

For 10 weeks we had the very lovely Kirsty Shadiac as our Artist in Residence. She came into the Starlight Express Room in the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide to work with the kids to create an amazing work of art. 147 more words

Paint Bellows Tree

Use process-based methods to create colorful tree artwork! The techniques used involve materials such as Paint Bellows, fingerpaint and Squiggle Pipettes, all combined to give your students an exercise in fine motor development while enjoying the result of the final image. 


Mr. Fratto, Brand New Beard!

See,  I’ve already planted this kind of bean.  How did I think it was a music bean when it was clearly shaped like my mustache bean?   54 more words


Creativity Is King: What Art Can Do for Your Kids

Before my kids were able to fully express themselves through words, they were little artists creating images as bold and unique as they were. And while mini masterpieces on important papers, floors, and walls tested my patience at times, it didn’t take long for me to realize that a crayon in the hand was worth more than 64 in a box. 213 more words