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Legoland Denmark on a Budget

“Legoland on a Budget” is sort of like “Switzerland on a Budget” – wishful thinking, but rather difficult to get by on the cheap. While some expenses are unavoidable (though just staying home is always an option), here are some things to avoid hemorrhaging money while in Billund. 655 more words


Legos, Legos, Everywhere!

Legoland had an amazing collection of models, all constructed of tiny plastic bricks. Here are some of our favorites.

We don’t have any of the Lego Friends in our house, but I thought this model of Heartlake City was adorable! 48 more words


The Epicenter of Lego: Billund, Denmark

We made it! I had Denmark on my list of places to visit and I had my doubts that we’d get there, but I’m happy to report that I can cross off Denmark! 452 more words


Sch-i-ven-something Beach

One of the keys to happiness in travelling with children is this: In every adventure, plan to do something that they will enjoy, even if is something that can be done in any city in the world (think: eating at McDonald’s, visiting a playground, or splashing in a fountain.) For our Haarlem trip the kid activity was a stop at the beach. 485 more words