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Boys Will Be Boys… The Danger of Low Expectations

“Boy, you’re gonna carry that weight.

Carry that weight a long time…”

-The Beatles, Carry That Weight

Boys are getting a bad rap.

They are being reduced to the lowest common denominator. 1,382 more words

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Hello Again

Well hello there. I’ve been offline for a while. It’s been good actually.

An unplanned, but welcome break from the digital world. The needs of the little people in my 3D world demanded my full attention, drained my resources, and trumped my ability to attend to the 2D world of the screen for a while there. 384 more words

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It's okay to live vicariously through your children

Yep. I said it.
I’m not saying force them to play piano because being a famous pianist was your childhood dream. Whatever they love, whatever they are good at let them pursue it. 27 more words