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Teens React To The Original Nintendo

I feel like it was inevitable that I’d end up in Seattle (home of Nintendo of America) because I was raised on the NES.

My brother and I would spend hours on end playing through everything from Final Fantasy to Bionic Commando. 53 more words


Kids React To The Ice Bucket Challenge

By now, we’ve all seen the ice bucket challenge. But how will a group of kids react when they see their favorite stars participating?

Latest News: 76 more words


React: Advice #2

Fine Bros Production has just created another channel specifically for react videos and had even started to branch out such as React: Advice time slot. How awesome is that? 61 more words

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Kid 'Steals The Show' During a Live News Cast [VIDEO]

If I could, I would hire this kid, right now for the X-Cast and GeekShow.  59 more words


Kids React to Typewriters

These videos are rapidly climbing the ladder as my favorite recurring series on YouTube. Love to see kids reacting to old pieces of tech. It’s funny to me to see kids look at something like a Gameboy like its a goddamn fossil…..i’m old. 16 more words