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Kids React to Rotary Phones

I love these kid reaction videos. They are always so funny.

Kids React To A Walkman

                                                                        Okay so for all you younger folk that read my blog, years ago we had things like record players and after that we had things called eight track tape players. 55 more words

Watch What Happens When Kids Today Try To Use A Walkman For The First Time

Ah, the Sony Walkman. Once the king of all portable music consumption, now just an outdated, mocked relic of the simpler days of the ’80s. Now in the days of the iPhone, iPad, Spotify and MP3s, what happens when you give kids today a Sony Walkman to play with? 200 more words


WATCH: Kids react to seeing a Walkman for the first time

Latest way to feel old: Watch kids under age 13 puzzle over a Walkman.

“Oh, a phone! Oh. What is this thing?”

“You’ve gotta be kidding.” 168 more words


In popular YouTube series, "Kids React" to Sony Walkman

Do you remember your first cassette tape?

There is a string of videos on YouTube called “Kids React.” The videos show kids giving candid comments about everything from the band “Nirvana,” to the “Flappy Bird” app, to TV’s “Game of Thrones.” 42 more words

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Kids React To Walkmans And It's Priceless!

In this video, children are introduced to cassette walkmans and their level of confusion is at an all time high. I’m trying to think (as an adult), what the equivalent would have been when I was a kid… Maybe rotary phones or 8 track players? 56 more words