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"Kids react to old cameras"

I’m 27 years old. My life has been recorded almost exactly in half by two separate means. The first half of my life is neatly arranged in beautiful photo albums that my Mom put together. 185 more words

Kids Today Try To Figure Out How To Work An Old Film Camera

In the days of smartphones and selfies, it’s rare to see anyone take out an actual camera to take a photo, let alone a film camera. 255 more words


Watch A Bunch Of Kids Try To Figure Out How To Use A Point And Shoot Film Camera From 1998

The Fine Brothers rounded up some kids for another one of their stellar “Kids React” videos, this time seeing if a bunch of kids know what to do with a point and shoot camera from 1998 that actually uses film. 78 more words

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Kids Trying An Old Camera React Predictably, Yet Adorably Confounded

In the newest installment of Kids React, where kids do what the title suggests and interact with technology of yore in a predictably adorable yet totally understandable way to outdated gadgets, we get to see what the children of today think of taking pictures with a camera that uses actual film… and ohmygosh, you can’t even see the photo after you take it! 192 more words

Kids React To Old Cameras

They don’t make cameras like they used to. A group of kids is handed an old film camera. Confusion, frustration, and comedy ensue.

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This Video Proves For Once And For All That Kids Hating Brussels Sprouts Is A Myth

Brussels sprouts have always unfairly gotten a bad rap, but I for one, always liked them growing up. And my mom would just get the crappy frozen ones out of the freezer section at the grocery store. 96 more words

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