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Funny Sephie-ism #394

Just a heads up, this post may be NSFW. Click to keep reading if you’re cool with cartoon genitalia. 91 more words

Lindsay Valenty

Got A Business? Then, You're Not Normal.

At least, according to a five-year old’s perspective.

Me : What are you going to be when you grow up? You gonna be a lawyer? Defender of the poor? 107 more words


This Was Meant To Be About Disney, But Bill Cosby Is Ruining My Childhood

I am learning that a part of growing up is discovering, often with a heart-shattering realization, that things are not what they always seemed to be. 777 more words

Funny Friday: My Kid Brain

Kids are notoriously good at one-liners, hilarious comments, embarrassing situations, and being just plain silly. That’s why we all love them. It’s fun to remember the silly things that kids say. 412 more words