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First Day of First Grade

Today was awesome. My school placement is terrific. My kids are adorable. My mentor teacher is a boss….I could go on and on about today, but I think these quotes do the job. 237 more words

Scenes from the Back Seat: The Name Game

Gouda, gouda bo buddha
banana fana fo fuddha
me mi mo muddha

Confession this didn’t happen in the back seat – this took place yesterday afternoon during the 90 minutes that BoT gets to watch TV.

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Contractions, In School!

Lil Miss Ashley likes to reminisce the day her little sister Zahra was born and on this occasion she was explaining to me how I was coping and what was going on, by the way this conversation took place on the bus (semi crowded) on our way to a Girly day out. 129 more words


Flashback Friday

This post was written and published on September 22, 2007. Just a month shy of 7 years ago! This was a very short post but it is so funny that every time I go back and read it I laugh out loud about it! 258 more words


Scenes From the Back Seat: Technicolor World

We have lived with my parents for two months now and mult-generational living has its challenges but for the most part it is going well.  It makes the fact that our core family unit is currently living apart due to jobs and getting our start-up fully operational (the dream chasing thing) a little easier. 128 more words