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Inclusiveness front and Center at the CVS Health Downtown 5k Wrap

Very proud of the new Military Village and honoring of our nation’s heroes coordinated by our Valor military colleague resource group. Also go to love the All Kids Can race, inclusive of kids of ALL abilities. 9 more words

FREEKey Key Ring System



Everyone knows that the nemesis of the fingernail is the key ring. This goes double if your nails are 1) painted, b) too short to be functional, or III) all of the above. 159 more words

Cool Things For Sale

Four year olds.

Four year olds are so funny, and so rebellious. They are testing boundaries like crazy. It can be exhausting. I always laugh (internally, of course) when parents complain about the 2’s. 734 more words


The Unpromised Future

I had been thinking about this lately, especially after a scare that happened to me.

I’ve been thinking about my future, what it will be like, who I will spend it with, if I will even… 368 more words

The Angst of Parenting a Child with Severe Food Allergies

I just sat in the car and had a good cry.

I was in the parking lot of my 11-year-old daughter’s school on her first day of middle school, but I wasn’t having the ‘oh my child is growing up’ type of cry. 591 more words

Managing the crazy

Sometimes I feel like being a mom is like running a factory. It takes strategy and efficiency and planning and meticulous execution to keep it all running on time. 1,617 more words


Somebody Has to Say It!

In this world! I do find from time to time a nugget of something that either we may take for granted! Or there are times when a thought goes/runs through our minds about something that we somehow believe is true but! 593 more words