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Anna Simmons - Feminism in Cinema

Cinema needs feminism because…

As a feminist you can imagine how frustrated I get at modern cinema these days. I mean just look at the way women are presented in films; the vast majority of the time you can categorise them into several character stereotypes in about 0.000000000001 seconds into the film. 1,001 more words

Film Review: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014) ★★½

This actually wasn’t terrible. I enjoyed aspects of it. With a title like that, it would seem to be another aggravatingly replaceable suspense thriller that is all Hollywood showmanship and zero creativity. 256 more words

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Dressing the Rectangle Body Shape

If you have any doubt about the rectangle body shape, just take a glance at any top model on the runway. The rectangle body shape is probably the easiest body shape to dress and looks good in pretty much anything. 356 more words

Banoffee Pie

Juliet: “Banoffee pie??”

Andrew: “No…Thanks.”

Juliet: “Thank God! you would’ve broken my heart if you’d said yes.” – Love Actually

I came across a recipe for Banoffee pie in my new cookbook and was instantly reminded of the scene in Love Actually where Juliet offers Andrew a slice and is enormously pleased when he says no. 424 more words


Silhouette Alert

I have been seeing a new silhouette all over the place on celebrities recently. It looks like a modern extreme take on the hourglass figure and is almost like an optical illusion, making the waist look smaller. 55 more words

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