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Kikuyu Grass

Kikuyu grass is one of those lawn types that some people love and others hate. It grows fast, it can be weedy, it needs a lot of lawn mowing, it often grows into surrounding garden beds at great speed, it can grow underneath fences to escape into the wild or into neighbouring properties, its seeds are very fine and can blow around in the wind, thereby infesting nearby lawns and local wildlife areas and habitats. 252 more words

Kikuyu In Buffalo Grass Lawn

Kikuyu is one of the biggest problems for buffalo lawn owners. This very fast growing grass so often sneaks in as tiny weed seeds on the shoes and clothing of people, the fur of pets, and by being blown onto our buffalo lawns by the wind. 195 more words


The difference in cultural background with the people of Kenya comes as an addition of flavour in the food tasting world since the difference in culture reciprocate to the food enjoyed by those various group of people.Considering that the country has 43 major ethnic groups and many other sub cultures it makes a wide array of dishes to choose from. 152 more words

Food And Wine

Run-up: Wedding Day Expectations

I don’t know in detail what to expect of a Kenyan wedding, but this is the intel that I gathered so far and sent to all the overseas guests coming this way: 605 more words

My Big Fat Kenyan Wedding


On request of several friends, I gladly would like to indulge you with the story of my Big Fat Kenyan Wedding, a clash of cultures in the making… 980 more words

Senior Machaa releases Ciku Album

Veteran Benga Maestro Senior Machaa has released his debut studio album titled Ciku. The album consists of seven vernacular Songs done in his native Kikuyu language. 72 more words