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#WhoWeAreKE - Together We Can

The artist is a teacher who lives and works in Eastleigh. He is in his twenties.

I am similar to other Kenyans because I identify myself as a Kenyan. 401 more words


6 simple tips to a beautiful lawn without the hard work

Remember running barefoot across the backyard lawn?

Remember how cool and soft the grass felt between your toes?

I have so many fond memories attached to my childhood backyard – a place centered around lawn. 1,314 more words


16 Days: Escaping traditional practices in Kenya

During 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children, the Legal Resources Centre will be sharing the stories of survivors of gender based violence who fled their countries to seek asylum in South Africa. 446 more words

Equality And Non-discrimination

African Beliefs

Africa is by far the hardest continent to unravel when it comes to locating evidence that supports the 2020 Hindsight Prophecy theory.  In a nutshell, the type of jarring data points presented in this blog’s previous posts did not reveal themselves as easily when my focus turned to Africa, largely due to an interconnected combination of factors that included: tribal language barriers, an overall lack of First World research dedicated to African history, and limited internet postings specifically related to the topic at hand.  1,053 more words

2020 Prophecy

The only lawn choice for Melbourne conditions

Lawn. Grass. Turf…Soft green stuff.

Whatever you want to call it, its just not that sexy.

Of all the topics I could choose in the world of landscape and pool design I’ve chosen lawn to talk about first. 1,653 more words


#WhoWeAreKE - Shackles of Identity

The artist is a 38yr old resident of Eastleigh. He is a social activist and originally from Garissa:

“Nationality gives you pride, ethnicity identity and religion virtues.

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Body Mapping The Kenyan Identity