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Bill gates meets a Kikuyu from Kenya!! Amazing

Bill Gates organized an enormous
session to recruit a new Chairman
for Microsoft Europe.

5000 candidates assembled in a
large room. One candidate was
Njoroge a Kenyan living in USA. 266 more words


Once again, I am resisting the urge to pick up all my tribesmen-the Luos- and my friends from the Kikuyu community and put them in a boiling cauldron and let them console each other as they burn. 850 more words

My Mindless Banter

Powerless Noise

I hate being powerless, that’s why I watch hero movies. I have this grand idea of a hero who will save us from the corrupt leaders who use us then dump us. 206 more words

there will be blood

when the lines are blurred

between reason

and treason


on the leaves, trees

on the streets, seats

of power

the hour

of lost control… 72 more words

The Writer

I Thought You Were One of Us

I can’t believe we’ve already been here for three weeks now. The concept of time here in Kenya is quite different from the U.S. fast-paced and busy life style. 576 more words



My first example of a wonderful father is my very own father. Mr. Peter Mwaura Kamuiru. Who would I be without this man? Nobody. He is the reason I am, literally (I suppose) and because of the person he has moulded me into. 990 more words


the boggy bottoms
a room with a view

a bit tongue in cheek…